Futon with storage

When you hear the word “futon,” your back probably starts to ache a bit. I’ve spent the night on some rough futons in my day. My brother used to have one that felt like sleeping on a giant sack of potatoes. So when we downsized our home and looked for sleeping options for guests we wanted to find a futon that was comfortable and functional. My home office is now equipped with a futon from The Futon Shop. The Futon Shop is a California based franchise that has a wide range of futons. We decided to go with the futon pictured to the right and I must say that it is comfortable and highly functional.

Having slept on it a few times already, I can recommend it for comfort and ease of use. It is very sturdy and fits both myself and my wife. It is a bit snug if you are used to sleeping in a queen or king sized bed. The best feature of this futon is the hideaway storage that can hold all of the bedding that you use for the futon. It is very conveinent. When preparing the futon for a guest, set up is very easy. I have fought with some very stubborn futons, but this one can be folded out with one hand and all the bedding is right under the mattress. If you are in the market for a futon, but are weary of past futon experiences, you may want to consider this well built and functional option.

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  1. posted by Michael (500 Apples) on

    Our family of four live in an appropriately-sized 3 bedroom house with our daughters sharing one of those bedrooms with bunk beds. My wife insists on cramming the old double bed into the “play room/office” for guests.

    This futon would be great for us. I especially love the hideaway storage.

  2. posted by Amanda on

    I just wanted to add my recommendation for this type of futon, its great, I have one in my apartment. I can testify that it works for even taller or heavier people; my friend who is 6’9″ and 300lbs slept on it comfortable as did my 6’5′, 250lb cousin. So if anyone is worried about the sturdiness of this piece, it hasn’t been a problem for me.

  3. posted by Trish on

    we have a similar piece bought from Boscov’s dept store-it’s kept in our playroom. usually it’s just us or the cats sitting on it, but when family comes we have an instant bed, it works well and doesn’t take any extra space. love the storage underneath!

  4. posted by Susan on

    I grew up in the Los Angeles CA area and we had one of these in the late 40’s, complete with under couch storage. As a teen in the late 50’s, I had ours in my bedroom and slept on it every night. It wasn’t called a futon though, just a sofa bed

  5. posted by Shalin on

    That does look like a good piece of furniture – and a pretty good price if it’s comfortable too.

    I’ve been looking for a futon or loveseat for a while, but realized that I what I want in terms of form/function may not exist – so I design a set using Google Sketch-up and am having someone make it. Basically, two large-ish corner pieces and a long ottoman than can slip in between the corners to make a sleeper. It’s not really weird set of furniture, it’s just that I’ve never seen it before.


  6. posted by Eric on

    I recently got a storage ottoman off of Amazon, which I’ve found is pretty nice too. It also has the advantage that the tops flip over and become trays, so it’s like a combination of an ottoman, a storage unit, and a table, all in one.

  7. posted by Michelle on

    Does anyone use this as their everyday couch, too? My pre-husband and I live in NYC & we need a comfy couch that can also fold out/down for guests. How does this rate when you’re lying down on it watching TV?


  8. posted by Madelyn @ Southern Weddings on

    I love the storage underneath the futon. It’s such a simple idea but revolutionary at the same time. Wonderful post!

  9. posted by ns on

    @michelle, that is what i am wondering too. can someone tell us how it is as a couch? that is mostly what i would use it for. i am also concerned it is very heavy?

    but it’s so beautiful! thanks for the tip lifehacker 🙂

  10. posted by Shalin on

    @Eric – yeah, I those storage ottomans are so clever!

  11. posted by Libby on

    Sadly, the $140 shipping cost is really off-putting for those of us on a budget. I don’t live anywhere near California but have been looking for a good, stylish futon for ages.

    Back to searching I go, I suppose.

  12. posted by lachlan on

    this is brilliant – we have one in our study for guests, and the storage underneath holds the fitted sheet, a nice thick doona an two pillows, so the sheets are ready togo when someone ‘crashes’!

  13. posted by ShopLittleGifts on

    very nice. there is a futon shop close by where i live but i’ve never noticed they had such nice designs. must go back and take a look. love the storage. you can put extra pillows or blankets in there.

  14. posted by Peter on

    I continue to be stymied when I see…futon and aching back. I had an aching back for most of my life and the ache went away AFTER I started to sleep on a futon.

    A futon is firm and (if placed on the floor) is better than the old trick of putting a piece of plywood under your mattress to provide firmness for an aching back.

    I slept on a futon for 20 years with no back pain at all. Only recently have I switched to a platform bed…i.e., mattress on plywood. No back aches.

  15. posted by laura on

    @ Libby: The friends I stayed with in Memphis TN had one like this, so I am sure you could find something in a resonable distance from you.

    The one I slept on was pretty short, but the “arms” were removable for taller guests. I, however, thought it was rather stiff for a couch OR a mattress…then again, I like a really soft squishy sitting/sleeping place.

  16. posted by laura on

    added: I just clicked on the link to check the price, Yikes! The friends I mentioned in Memphis that had one said they only paid about $200 or $250 for it!

  17. posted by Lucy on

    I bought mine from American Signature Home Furnishings, it appears to be the exact same model. My roommate and I used it for two years as our main couch, and it (1) was very comfortable and (2) the microfiber cloth stood up to all our sitting. Our futon was on the smaller side, however, more suited to an apartment. And the bed that folds out is a “full” bed size (so smaller than the typical queen-sized fold-out bed).

    All in all, I’d definitely recommend it.

  18. posted by ns on

    in case someone stumbles upon this page while hunting for a futon: i ordered the one mentioned here and it is fantastic. within a few inches of the size of my former, heavy, full-sized couch. very comfortable both as bed and as sofa.

    that said, *do not* purchase from “the futon shop” as recommended here by unclutter. they were unprofessional and crazy. they have bad reviews online and many complaints logged with the better business bureau. i thought of reporting them myself but the futon eventually arrived.

  19. posted by Nina on

    I’ve never seen a futon WITHOUT storage in Eastern Europe. There is variety of them (averagely $400) available in Brooklyn (New York), and I’d say specifically at Coney Island.

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