Plastic card cable organizer

Unclutterer reader Creatrope sent us a terrific do-it-yourself project that is simple and useful.

Using a discarded hard-plastic card (like a grocery store membership card), you can untangle the cords for your computer and its peripherals:

Step-by-step instructions for how to make a card cable organizer of your own are provided on his site. Thank you, Creatrope, for sharing your idea with us!

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  1. posted by Ann - One Bag Nation on

    What a great idea! I had a little meltdown the other day trying to deal with all the cords under my new desk; I will give this a try.

  2. posted by Kirsten Christianson on

    Great idea–and I think you could use a discarded membership card for an earbud holder, too!

  3. posted by Kris on


  4. posted by Deb on

    I love this repurposing of one small annoyance to reduce another annoyance!

    Those plastic cards have become major clutter in my purse. Every grocery store and shopping club has their own. Plus, some gift cards and movie passes have accumulated through the year.

    Has anyone else found a use for the empty Starbucks and obsolete membership cards?

  5. posted by C on

    That’s great! I love the series of re-purposing articles here.

    I’ve heard that old plastic cards are good for scraping pans that have baked on mess and tried it with some success.

  6. posted by Yarrrr! on

    Plastic cards can be cut into guitar picks. You can shape the edges with a nail file or sandpaper.

  7. posted by Tania on

    “Great idea–and I think you could use a discarded membership card for an earbud holder, too!”

    yeah, that’s what I just did to one of mine.

    I like this cable rangling idea a lot. For those who aren’t familiar with the magazine, THIS is an example of “Ready Made” magazine-type thinking. I love stuff like this.

  8. posted by Kelly Moore on

    You have to be very careful with the hole punch, however. I bent two of them trying to punch through a couple thicker cards. (I put all my “club” cards on a binder ring that hangs with my keys.)

  9. posted by Hestia on

    You can also clip a corner off an old club card or credit card and use it as a grout spreader. My husband and I burst out laughing last night when we saw a commercial for some ‘space age’ little contraption they’re selling for $19.99 to spread grout. First of all, how often does one spread grout? Yeah, right. Secondly, why buy that unitasker? Use a club card.

  10. posted by Roussie on

    Hmmm… I like this idea. And, I’m thinking to maybe take it one step further– maybe cut some old cards (or other plastic) into strips with a single hole, and attach one to each of the cords on the power source end, as a label. Am thinking that way if I do need to unplug something, I can identify it at the power source, instead of playing ‘musical’ plugs and seeing what turns off when I pull one, or jiggling the one I want and trying to see which one it is on the other end. (My desk is large, and heavy, so it’s not easy to see what is leading to where.)

  11. posted by Mer on

    Club cards make great ice scrapers! I used my old supermarket card one day because I already had the key tag version on a key ring I keep in a pocket in my purse.

    I keep the card in my center console and now I’m never left without a scraper when I need it.

  12. posted by Joyce E on

    Who’d’a thunk it?! — grin — I’ve used these cards as ice scrapers, label scrapers, and whatnot too. Great forum! I’d like to stick around and learn more!

  13. posted by ziggee on

    I use the cards to spread glue on my craft projects.


  14. posted by Cecil Whorton on

    They are handy for spreading and applying body filler and puddy in body shop.
    Use them for scraping and cleaning.

    “Unclutter” Great idea for group

  15. posted by Cindy Feld on

    I love to decorate cakes, and I think I could take one of the cards, cut scallops on a long edge, and use it to run around the sides of an iced cake. Looks like it would be just about right for a two-layer cake…

  16. posted by Julie on

    Zip ties hold cords together and give it a more professional look. That is what professionals do. They are cheap, disposable, less time, and don’t have personal info engraved on it.

  17. posted by Twin XL on

    I like this idea! Thanks! Also some of your comments have excellent ideas too.

  18. posted by Aeryn F on

    I’ve also been using expired airlines frequent flyer cards as luggage tags. They’re lots more secure than putting personal identifiable information like your address and phone numbers on a card (helpful if the airline FF number stays the same). Simply punch one hole in a corner, thread a non-removable wire-tie through and voila!

  19. posted by Dan Done on

    I carry a small supply of Gorilla Tape wrapped carefully on a used Costco card. Its flat, and great for travel or lightweight backpacking. You can wrap three kinds of narrow tape on a card: electrical, medical adhesive, even scotch tape. Card can be notched to wrap cordage or wire. I also carry one with two edges sharpened, using a carbide knife sharpener, for cutting food or spreading peanut butter. A half card works for a camping spoon. I’m a “fixit” guy, and use cards for grout, caulking, glue, or thinset (notches made with flat file or hacksaw). You can make a handle with a grooved stick or small branch. Flattened copper pipe stub makes good handle. Or, cut a long slit in handle and mount sideways on card. Mount a small piece of the loop side of adhesive backed velcro, and you have a great paint tool. Create silhouette shapes you need to use on a project, and trace away! Wrap small piece of sandpaper for those inside edges. DanD

  20. posted by Michelle S on

    For my laptop I use Laptop Smart Feet to organize my cables and to raise my laptop for better ventilation. I found them at newpcgadgets. Really nice!

  21. posted by AMMA on

    great idea. thank.

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