The transforming diaper bag

I’ve been looking around for baby items that can multitask, and I may have come across the most unique and useful one yet. It is the Hoppop. The Hoppop is a diaper bag that transforms into a baby seat.

This is a fantastic idea for parents on the go. The Hoppop would have been used quite extensively if my wife and I had owned one. It serves two very important purposes and comes in a fairly compact size. The step-by-step instructions look simple and straight forward. If you want something extra when it comes to your diaper bag, you may want to look into this innovative design.

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  1. posted by Emma on

    Great idea. We have a booster seat that we often have to take out with us, I’d love to have a multi-tasker like this instead.

  2. posted by Timbo on

    A clever design and a terrific idea, but I is the bag is made of material that wipes clean easily? If not, then it’s not very useful.

  3. posted by spark on

    @ Timbo: Website says “washable bag”….doesn’t say if it is machine washable or not but at the very least seems to be “wipe-able”.

  4. posted by C on

    My kid likes to rock back and forth in the high chair (which is part of the reason I never tried a booster seat). I’d be afraid it wasn’t stable for the more active toddlers/babies.

  5. posted by Saderchick on

    I’m always digging in the diaper bag for something during dinners out (crayons, wipes, etc.). Tough to do when there’s a toddler perched on top.

  6. posted by Susan on

    It looks really neat- I especially like that it comes in different non-infantalizing colors so you can carry stuff for the baby without looking like YOU want to be wearing fuzzy yellow ducky onesies too.
    And very handy. But wouldn’t you need to be extra careful to keep anything liquid in an extra ziplock bag to prevent seepage while it’s on it’s side during the meal?
    And if they REALLY wanted to win my heart- sell it with extra made-to-fit snap in liners that I can pack ahead of time and keep in the fridge or lined up Mon/Tues/Weds/Thurs/Fri on the shelf next to the door so I can just slip in the pre-loaded liner first thing in the morning (I’m shockingly forgetful in the am).

  7. posted by Tim on

    $99? Wow, no thanks.

  8. posted by becoming minimalist on

    sounds like somthing i’d be interested in – except that my youngest child just finished potty-training last week.

    i’m happy to say that diaper bags are a thing of the past for me!

  9. posted by Liz on

    I can imagine that bag would quickly get filthy and not be the sort of thing you would continue to be “proud” to carry around. Even the frequent washing would take its toll.

  10. posted by libraryhead on

    I can’t say that I’ve ever needed to bring my own seat for my toddler, with the possible exception of visiting childless relatives. Don’t restaurants have highchairs where you are?

  11. posted by Jay on

    Try an In the Pocket Baby


    It is a chair harness that lets your small child sit in a regular chair. When not in use, it rolls neatly into itself and is very small and light. It has salvaged numerous meals for us.

    As to diaper bags, they seem cumbersome. Just use a plastic store/grocery bag, which is lightweight and slips easily over the back of a chair or the handles of a small, lightweight umbrella stroller. If the bag gets dirty, toss it.

    @libraryhead – At restaurants, the high chairs may all be in use, or the only available ones may be broken, filthy, or without buckles or straps.

  12. posted by Libby on

    @ Jay

    “At the moment we do not delivery the Baby seat to USA or Canada.”

    Sucks, because I would love to get one for my niece. I’m forever sitting her on my lap when we go out because the high chairs at most restaurants are sticky and gross, or broken.

  13. posted by Ellis on

    While it seems a great idea… where would you put all your diapers etc…? Most cafes/restaurents have children and booster seats so I personally don’t see the need.

  14. posted by michellereno on

    This seems to be very useful! I had to pack a diaper bag and Bumbo seat so that my one-year-old daughter could eat breakfast with us at the Best Western – strangely (but not surprisingly) they didn’t have high chairs. This will work even when she’s potty trained too. Great find!

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