Unitasker Wednesday: The Hot Dog Roller

Just in time for summer, the Hot Dog Roller! Everyone has an incredibly difficult time rotating hot dogs on the grill, right? Uh, right? C’mon, work with me on this. The issue of keeping a hot dog evenly grilled is a REAL problem. No, really. And, the Hot Dog Roller is there to solve this dastardly grilling dilemma. Simply place the hot dogs or corn on the cob(!) on this little contraption and you are good to go. With a simple move of the handle you can move up to five hot dogs at once. FIVE. At the SAME TIME!

Think of all the time you spend rolling hot dogs instead of playing Frisbee with your children. This roller can increase your hot dog rolling efficiency by five times. (I did the math.) That’s right, now you can enjoy five times the fun with your family and friends with this efficient, time-saving grill essential.

(Thanks to reader Eve for sending us this suggestion.)

**Each week, the Unitasker Wednesday column humorously pokes fun at the unnecessary, single-use items that manage to find their way into our homes.

17 Comments for “Unitasker Wednesday: The Hot Dog Roller”

  1. posted by BlackMacX on

    I want one to increase the clutter in my home. I can then read more of Unclutterer.com to see how I can get rid of things better. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I do enjoy the site and after last week’s faux pas (by me) I better appreciate your sense of humour on the site.

  2. posted by Brian on

    Good for you BlackMacX, that’s the spirit!

  3. posted by Kevin (ReturnToManliness) on

    Classic American excess. I love the Unitasker series. It completely reinforces the amazing feeling I get when I have a chance to simplify my life and clear out the clutter.

    You mean there isn’t a compatible hot-dog-bun-turner-thingie? I need one of those…

  4. posted by Nat on

    Sacrilege! Reducing our summertime hot dogs to something we can get at 7-11. How else can we cook our hot dogs with that delicious crunchy carbon coating? That’s real grilling.

  5. posted by verily on

    It’s not only a unitasker, but a super unitasker designed for only one kind of grill…an open topped one.

  6. posted by Michael (500 Apples) on

    Tonight I’m going to integrate a large putty knife into meal prep so I can flip five burgers at once.

    Then I might puree ketchup, mustard, relish, onions, and pickles so I can doctor my patty with a single squirt from my new multi-condiment squirt bottle.

    I point everyone I know to this blog. Love it.

  7. posted by Giddified on

    I love Unitasker Wednesday! This is exactly the type of thing my parents, classic American clutter fiends, love to buy. They wonder why they don’t have any space left anywhere in the house.

    I also love “Think of all the time you spend rolling hot dogs instead of playing Frisbee with your children.” Have you ever noticed how many items are marketed this exact way? In reality, most of these things will save you minutes a day (at most). I refuse to believe people are really THAT pressed for time. I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest that people may feel overwhelmed not by having too little time, but by having too much stuff. Just a thought:)

  8. posted by jon on

    Busted. By your own admission, this so-called Unitasker also rolls corn on the cob. That’s a second task. Why, I bet you could roll hot dogs AND corn on the cob on the same roller. It’s a veritable TRI-tasker!!1!eleventyone!

    You’re outta here!

  9. posted by kate on

    Wow, now I can eat hot dogs again. Before this, I simply could not fathom rolling or turning one hot dog at a time, and therefore gave up on the item completely.

  10. posted by Rae on

    I love unitasker Wednesday! I look at gadgets a whole new way, now.

  11. posted by Matt on

    But…it’s from Restoration Hardware, so it must be classy and useful. Either that, or specifically designed for gift registries.

  12. posted by Anne on

    aw blackmacx! you are awesome!!! thanks for being such a good sport!!!

    you know you would have to have 2 of these. hot dogs come in packs of 6 or 8 usually?

  13. posted by John of Indiana on

    No, Anne, Tube Steak comes in packs of 10. And buns come in packs of 8… One of Life’s Little Mysteries…
    I wonder if this one is a big a pain to clean as the electric one I used to wrangle in my snack bar days?

  14. posted by Emma on

    I’m with Jon on this… you admit it does corn on the cob!! Maybe if I got two I could do corn and hotdogs and have like 10 times the amount of time to spend with my family


  15. posted by Ryan on

    I love the this site, but i also love rolled dogs. If I could buy an old seven eleven hot dog roller I would be in my glory. Do you think I could make an exception for this one since its already been proven to be a multi-tasker.

  16. posted by H... on

    other possible uses for it:

    massaging device

    paint roller

    cloth wringer

    torture device (like put arm through it)

  17. posted by Valerie on

    This doesn’t look easy to wash… ๐Ÿ™ I do not buy my H’s argument that you can just ‘burn off’ all the gunk with the grill flames (his grill is a testimony to the untruth of it).

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