Fusion Table lets you have your pool table too

So you’ve wanted a pool table ever since your parents said you don’t have room for one. Now you are old enough to make your own decisions as to what you bring into your home and you want a pool table. Oh, you don’t have room either? Well, the multifunctional Fusion Table by Aramith may be your ticket to your very own pool table.

The modern looking table neatly covers the playing surface and makes some adjustments to become a regulation pool table when the mood strikes you. The pockets are collapsible and expand when a ball falls into the pocket. The legs increase in height by three inches to make the table a standard 33-inches high. The table comes in two finishes, a metal line and a wood line. Their are many options on the type of wood finish from which you can choose.

Obviously, this isn’t for everyone, but if you want a pool table and you don’t have the room, this is a better option than adding a game room onto your house. I was unable to find a price on the Fusion Table site, but if you live in a small space and want a game table, this might be for you.

(via CNET’s Appliance & Kitchen Gadget Blog)

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  1. posted by Mer on

    I love this!

    Back when I was a kid in the eighties, my grandparents had a bumper pool table with cover on it. Getting to play pool was always the highlight of our trips to visit them, so my parents decided to buy one of their own one Christmas. I think it came from Sears.

    Ours had a cover that flipped over into a poker table complete with cup holders and trays for poker chips. Not only did we play pool when we wanted, but our house because the site of many a card game for the neighbors and family members.

    When it was covered smooth side up, it was the ultimate homework table. I assembled many a school project there, and it was my favorite place to spread out and do my own art projects. My grandmother used it as an assembly table for cookies and candies during the Christmas holidays and we wrapped presents on it. It was by far the most useful pool table I can ever recall.

    We held onto it as long as we could, getting rid of it only when we moved to another house where it wouldn’t work with the layout of rooms we had. I still consider it one of my parents’ best purchases.

  2. posted by Sarah on

    I’m so glad all my nagging has not convinced my husband to read unclutterer.com on a regular basis.

    I could have been in real trouble today.

    Thanks for the cool info!

  3. posted by Leslie on

    This looks like a great idea! I’ll have to keep it in mind for when I have a real house. Though the fact that no price seems to be readily available on their website suggest to me the old adage: “if you have to ask, you can’t afford it.”

  4. posted by lorenzbutterfly on

    This is actually not a new concept. Many manufacturers of pool tables make optional covers for conversion to a dining table. They may not have all the bells and whistles of this company’s product, it is at least possible to find the prices.

  5. posted by Rachel on

    My parents use the low-tech version of this product, by having plywood boards that can turn the massive pool table into a (proper, albeit high) table. All our holidays dinners took place there. As a bonus, the same boards could be used to convert it into a ping pong table!

  6. posted by Rhett on

    Uh, so how do I buy one?

  7. posted by Joe on

    What a cool looking pool table but it looks like the price may be a bit high? As Rachel said above, simply adding plywood to your existing pool table can really give you some needed counter or dining space during the holiday season and that’s always a great idea.

    Otherwise there are a ton of combination game tables out there that offer anywhere from 2 in 1 game tables all the way to 15 in 1 game tables with many different combinations of games available and many turn into dining tables too. You can find a lot of great info on game tables at http://www.game-room-decoratin.....ables.html

  8. posted by Rory on

    If you live in the Los Angeles area, there is a dealer in Orange county. http://www.dkbilliards.com

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