No more Organize subscriptions

I am sad to report to you that after our post last week on My favorite organizing magazines, I learned that Organize magazine is no longer taking subscriptions. I received the following text in an e-mail from the magazine’s editor:

“You are welcome to remove the [subscription] info from your site completely as we are in flux right now and I certainly don’t want you to confuse your readers.”

She also recommended that if anyone signed up for a subscription through Amazon that they should CANCEL that order.

I’m not certain what “in flux” means exactly, but it doesn’t sound good for one of our favorite organizing magazines. Sorry for the inconvenience to anyone who placed an order through Amazon, if we would have known, we wouldn’t have posted the subscription link!

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  1. posted by Lolo on

    Not trying to be a jerk, but that should read “…if we had known, we wouldn’t have…”

  2. posted by Mer on

    “In flux” means to me that they’re about to fold. A shame, really, because I thought I might give it a try!

  3. posted by Doreen on

    What a shame…I really looked foward to new issues.

  4. posted by Erin Doland on

    @Lolo — Actually, I’m using the subjunctive mood in the sentence you highlighted. In the subjunctive, I’m speaking about a moment that didn’t happen. The subjunctive mood requires use of a present tense verb when it is contrary to reality, so I used “would have” in my “if” statement. To learn more about the subjunctive, you can check here:

    Next time, though, if you want to address grammar or spelling issues, the kinder thing to do is to send them through the contact page. Then, you can privately notify the author instead of posting it on a public board.

  5. posted by sharon on

    I really like the magazine but they have not been the most efficient when it comes to sending out the mags. I would love it if they became an ezine.

  6. posted by Erin Doland on

    Just FYI …

    If you have any difficulty receiving a refund on Amazon, their customer service contact telephone number for US purchases is 1-866-216-1072. The number can be a wee bit cumbersome to find on the website …

  7. posted by Eden on

    I just put that subscription on my Amazon wishlist too.

  8. posted by jane on

    In Lolo’s defense, it is customary to put spelling, grammar, and broken link corrections in the comment section of the post where the mistake occurred. Maybe (apparently) she was incorrect, but she wasn’t being rude. The phrase “the kinder thing to do” sounds a bit defensive.

    Do people actually send that stuff using your Contact form? It wouldn’t even occur to me.

  9. posted by Dawn on

    I have a subscription to that magazine and I LOVE it. I hope they are not going to be discontinuing it. It is my favorite magazine.

  10. posted by Org Junkie on

    Oh what a shame, it really is a fantastic magazine πŸ™

  11. posted by Jasi on

    I hadn’t even gotten a chance to read it, yet. That’s sad. I think I miss Budget Living most of all though. What ever happened to that mag?

  12. posted by Erin Doland on

    @jane — In my opinion, it is never appropriate to address grammar or spelling issues in public comments. In most every situation, the goal of a correction comment is to humiliate the author of the post. The only time it would be appropriate would be if the text didn’t make any sense and a comment was needed to clarify understanding. A private note is always welcome and usually appreciated.

    I think broken link notices, however, are always valuable in public comments. They can help other readers who may be having the same difficulty.

  13. posted by Harris on


    This is such a great site why beat up Erin? She does a wonderful job and Erin, I applaud you!

  14. posted by Rae on

    There was no beating, intended or otherwise, and no need to berate. Erin, thank you for the update! As always, this is a lovely site, and quite useful.

  15. posted by Peggy on

    Can’t we all just get a long?

    I still miss receiving ‘Inspired House’ magazine.

  16. posted by amber on

    I really how they don’t fold! I just received a subscription for my birthday (through the magazine’s site) and ordered all the back issues πŸ™‚

  17. posted by amber on

    errrr, that was supposed to be HOPE, not HOW πŸ˜›

  18. posted by Meredith on

    I just ordered through Amazon on 6/4. That just stinks.

  19. posted by Liz BK on

    Oh, well. Think of ‘Organize’ as one magazine fewer that you’ll have to see on your coffee table and eventually talk yourself into recycling. It’s the ultimate in un-cluttering!

  20. posted by ChristineB on

    To bad about ‘Organize’ I just had that happen to me with Blueprint magazine this past winter. I’ve actually made the decision to let my magazine subscriptions run out and not renew. Many of these magazines are publishing much of their content online for free. Right now, I’m not actually getting around to reading all the magazines that I’m getting. They are ending up in the recycling bin without really being read. I’m going to see if I can do without them.

    p.s. Erin, I totally agree with you. Comments about grammar and spelling are rude.

  21. posted by Dasha on

    I was looking for this at Borders the other day and could not find it… Too bad, it sounds like a great magazine…

  22. posted by Amy on

    Am I the only one who was disappointed with Organize? It had such potential but the articles were so short, elementary and repetitious.

  23. posted by KarenD on

    I had a dickens of a time ordering a gift subscription from them after the second or third issue. It took forever to get someone to email or call me back – I forget which. Bummer that this magazine is folding, but their customer service was somewhat impenetrable.
    I also tried to get them some coverage on a national newspaper wire service, but never heard back. Not a surprise they are near-history.

  24. posted by PJK on

    @ Amy –
    I feel the same way. I like the magazine and have subscribed since last fall, but I often felt like I was reading a lot of “common sense stuff” to get a nugget here or there.

    @ Lolo / Erin –
    I totally agree about it being inappropriate to correct grammar or spelling in the public comment section. If you were at a gathering with a group of adults, would you blatantly correct another adult’s grammar in front of everyone? I’m not talking about repeating the phrase correctly in an effort to clarify. I mean, would you say to the person, “Actually, I’m not trying to be a jerk, but you should have said…” in front of a group of people? I think most of us could agree that would be rude. So why should this forum be treated any differently? Just because we can hide behind a cloak of anonymity doesn’t mean we should allow ourselves to be mean or rude. Correcting a blogger’s grammar or spelling in a public forum is almost always seen as humiliating – an attempt to “take them down a peg.”

  25. posted by Tania on

    MEPS! I really dig this magazine! Publishing is so hard right now… I hope they can find a way to survive…

  26. posted by Meg on

    Hmm. So, if it’s “kinder” to correct someone’s grammar in private, why did Erin (the author) choose to post her rebuke publicly? Shouldn’t the response have been private?

    You can’t have it both ways.

    I read many blogs where it is totally acceptable to comment on all aspects of a post, including grammar and spelling. It’s hardly a universal rule of netiquette.

  27. posted by Antigone on

    Just wanted ppl to know if they really really wanted to read the magazine Organize, their site is offering back issues for the cover price. I just got the 2 I ordered in yesterday.

  28. posted by PJK on

    @ Meg –

    Just because people do it and the author doesn’t publicly rebuke them doesn’t make it “totally acceptable”. How do you know the author isn’t rebuking those people privately? The only way it’s “totally acceptable” is if the author invited people to publicly correct his/her grammar and spelling, and I’ve yet to see that happen. You claim you’ve read “many blogs” where it’s “totally acceptable” but I’d be willing to bet the author didn’t like it anymore than Erin did, but just chose not add fuel to the fire by commenting on it publicly. I’d like you to point me to the “many blogs” where the AUTHOR declares that it’s totally acceptable and welcome to correct his/her grammar and spelling publicly.

  29. posted by Meredith on

    I just received a response from Amazon that they are now aware that the publisher isn’t taking more subscriptions and have initiated a refund on my new order.

  30. posted by Min on

    Wow so I see it’s Monday and people are feeling cranky.
    Pretend it’s Friday. You won’t care NEARLY as much about spelling, corrections, etiquette, and the like. πŸ˜‰

  31. posted by Niels Bentsen on

    Where can I read the rules for commenting on this site?
    Oh, I can’t?

    Does that mean that everybody can comment?
    It does?

    Then what’s the problem?

    Delete comments you don’t like if you want to be that gal but don’t try to control the internet. It’s impossible.

  32. posted by Erin Doland on

    @Niels — What are you referencing? We had a server outage today and had to refresh from backup. Maybe your comment was lost then? I checked our system and can’t find any comments from you today other than this one.

  33. posted by Niels Bentsen on

    Actually my first comment was lost but I wasn’t referring to that. That’s no big deal. I thought that my second comment was more to the point and a lot clearer but apparently that was not the case. Oh well, that’s one of the “joys” communicating in an english speaking world when your’e not a native english speaker.

    My point is that it’s futile (and in my opinion even silly) to complain about comments. This is your space, make exact rules for comments and delete the ones who breaks the rules.

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