Unitasker Wednesday: Rechargeable electric wine opener

There are many options for opening a bottle of wine, but none of them will make your gadget loving friends as envious as this Peugeot Rechargeable electric wine opener from Williams-Sonoma.

This electric opener needs to be plugged in when the power gets low, but it is ready to pop out some serious corkage when charged. If you are in the market for a wine opener upgrade you’ll have to drop $120(!) on this thing. That is a small price to pay for the minutes that you will save instead of using the old fashioned non-electric alternative.

Ok, if you own a wine bar or have a drinking problem this thing will save you a lot of time and is probably very useful, but this thing seems like quite a bit of overkill for a rather easy task–especially with some amazing non-electric alternatives.

**Each week, the Unitasker Wednesday column humorously pokes fun at the unnecessary, single-use items that manage to find their way into our homes.

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  1. posted by gigglechick on

    This product is fantastic for arthritic alcoholics.

  2. posted by BlackMacX on

    Okay, I generally like unclutterer; the one area that vexes me though is the Unitasker Wednesday column, it always sees to be the oxymoron of the site’s intent. The electric wine-bottle opener just did it for me though and pushed me to write in… I think it’s a daft idea and poor use of resources; it also promotes our overly consumeristic society and the accumulation of “crap”. Use a Trudeau corkscrew or some other one, the good old swing-arm does it just fine without any electricity and provides some work out for the drinker as well. I do agree that for arthritis sufferers, it might be handy; but only in a pinch.

  3. posted by Brian on

    BlackMacX, You don’t get it do you…..

  4. posted by Kate on

    I actually know someone who owns one of these! It is so ridiculous! They accidentally knocked it off of the charger and when it wouldn’t work, they weren’t sure how to open their wine! The only place I think something like this is necessary is a restaurant or an event venue that serves a lot of wine. I could see it being semi-useful if you entertained large parties a lot, but not worth $120!

  5. posted by Megan on

    BlackMacX… oh dear…

    Anyway, for those who are really in a hurry to get to their wine, they should instead switch over to the boxed variety. One easy spigot! And 4 bottles worth per box means let time opening and more time drinking!

  6. posted by courtney on

    Even the disclaimer at the end doesn’t always work, huh? πŸ˜‰

    However, I fail to see how this is any more of a unitasker than a corkscrew? It does take up electrical energy, and is expensive, but that does not make it less of a unitasker. Either way, you have one item for just one purpose.

  7. posted by Erin Doland on

    @BlackMacX — They’re jokes …


  8. posted by Kay_Dee on

    @courtney – I see your point, but at least with a regular corkscrew, you can get at that pesky dirt under your fingernails! Voila – multitasker!! πŸ™‚

  9. posted by Giles on

    Hehe, I saw the end comment – but looked good though.

  10. posted by Shanel Yang on

    @ Kay_Dee – My 1st thought: Ew! 2nd thought: Hmm.

  11. posted by Springpeeper on

    This ranks right up there with the battery-operated pepper grinder. Dear me.

  12. posted by Kay_Dee on

    @ Shanel – I know, but sometimes, a girl’s gotta think outside the box! πŸ˜‰

  13. posted by Anne on

    woo woo….Wednesday unitasker is a multi-tasker…

    1.puts things in the spotlite, that help me look at some of my purchases with a “do I want to see this pictured on Wed?”
    2. makes me giggle when someone gets upset enough to post about how the unclutterer genre is totally off-base with the posting! πŸ™‚

  14. posted by Andimia on

    Courtney, every standard wine corkscrew has a bottle opener on it and many have a small pocket knife.

  15. posted by Meghan on

    I just can’t believe anyone would want an item to be electric when the manual kind is so easy! Are we not trying to use LESS electricity these days?!?! It’s mad! What’s next, electric cheese grater? Oh, it’s probably out there somewhere!

  16. posted by Shannon on

    I had to look up the electric cheese grater thing… there is one:


  17. posted by BlackMacX on

    I read way too quickly and made myself look like a chump… Oh well, I can admit I was foolish. πŸ™‚

  18. posted by Kevin (ReturnToManliness) on

    This is a perfect goof, but I simply can not believe how our society has evolved in such a way to want these types of things – and lots of them. I am SOOOOO surprised at how many people are still buying these near worthless items. Just tune over to HSN and you will find the gizmo freaks peddling as many of these things as they can sell…And this one is just classic. Single use, uses electricity, and is used for something that you would need it seldom (even if you drink plenty, you still would probably not need it daily).

  19. posted by rockk on

    Cheaper versions of this device are an absolute godsend to those of us who have disabilities.

    And I might add that it feels like a bit of a cheapshot to call people who like wine and whose hands don’t work “arthritic alcoholics.”

    I usually love Unitasker as well as the whole website, but this one (and the comments) really miss the mark.

    As we say from my side of the chair: there’s us, and then there’s the rest of the population — the “pre-disabled.” Just wait, my little darlings, there’s a whole other world out there waiting for you.

  20. posted by Erin Doland on

    @rockk — Matt never used the phrase “arthritic alcoholics” anywhere in his post (nor come close to implying it). At no point does he make fun of disabled people. Trust me, that sort of derogatory language would never make it online from our staff (nor written/spoken/implied/etc.).

  21. posted by rockk on

    You’re right Erin; Matt doesn’t use that phrase, but the first commenter did. I guess I was commenting to the commenters.

    Like I said, I love this site, a lot. But this item is a huge help to a wide variety of people, and I’m disappointed in the comments and the tone today.

    Bottom line: opening a bottle of wine is truly NOT “a rather easy task” for many people with a variety of afflictions (from MS to strokes to brain tumors to amputees to muscular dystrophy) for whom this item is a godsend.

  22. posted by Karyn on

    I think it goes without saying that one person’s unitasker is another person’s valuable tool.

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