The six way opener multi-tasker

While reading not martha last week, I saw a link to a wonderful multi-tasker: The Six Way Opener.

Look at all that it can do:

Now this is a multi-tasker! How nice it would be if more kitchen gadgets took the lead from the Six Way Opener and combined multiple functions into one, small unit. I can see this little guy being a perfect gift for someone with arthritis or who is just setting up a kitchen for the first time.

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  1. posted by DJ on

    Hey, when I look at the picture of the uses, the one in the middle on the right appears to be an optical illusion. The handles are closed and yet it’s resting over the top of the bottle. What exactly is it opening (what kind of lid) and how in Newtons world is it doing it?

  2. posted by Erin Doland on

    @DJ — It’s taking a paper seal off the top of a ketchup bottle. The tool is acting like a pair of pinched fingers. It took me a few looks at that one to figure out what it was doing, too.

  3. posted by adora on

    I have a multi-function kitchen scissors I got over 10 years ago when I was in college. It’s not as cute, made in Japan but I’ve seen it at Bed Bath & Beyond. It can do everything this one does plus it is scissors. It is great for opening crabs and lobsters as well. It is, in my opinion, a must-have for small kitchens.

  4. posted by Jen on

    Ah, another something groovy from our friends at Crate and Barrel. While you’re there, don’t forget to pick up some of the awesome measuring spoons they have — it’s like having two sets in one, and the magnets make them easy to take apart and put together again.

  5. posted by sharon on

    I like it! Except for the very martha-ish color, it’s very nice to look at too.

  6. posted by Gabriel on

    I’m always in favor of increasing access to everyday products for arthritis sufferers.

    But for the rest of us, I don’t see anything here I can’t do with my own two hands.

  7. posted by Shalin on

    AWESOME! This would also make a great gift to my parents!

  8. posted by Jen C on

    I got this for Christmas this year and I have used it quite a bit (not as much as the kitchen scissors with a magnetic holder for the fridge – those are AMAZING.) It has a great “hand feel”. I’m actually surprised to see this here, when I took it to work to show a co-worker, he said “This is why the terrorists hate us.” He thought it was a totally useless uni-tasker.

  9. posted by Dawn on

    This is more of a unitasker, really. All of those can be opened by anyone with a hand and opposable thumbs, except maybe the beer bottle if it’s not a twist-off, but most wine bottle openers have beer bottle openers on them anyway.

  10. posted by Shannon on

    I don’t have arthritis, but I have a terrible time opening jars. I bought a similar gadget, and I use it almost daily. Doesn’t anyone else have this problem? Maybe I just have really week hands.

  11. posted by Shannon on


  12. posted by Gillian on

    Magnets are a very cool addition to a fair number of tools. Equally put a few earth magnets in the lid of a tool box so that small tools don’t have to go down to the bottom. We’re going to be doing a lot more of that in the near future.

  13. posted by Tiffany on

    I actually have a lot of trouble opening commercially-sealed quart jars because my hands are small enough that I can’t get a secure grip on the lids. I usually have to get my husband (the ultimate multi-tasking device) to do it for me. And I usually have to stab at paper seals with a knife to get a better grip on them, so I wouldn’t be too quick to dismiss this as a unitasker.

    And besides, as Erin points out, not everyone’s own-two-hands can do even most of these tasks. My grandmother has arthritis so bad her thumbs are literally bent backwards, and this would be fantastic for her.

  14. posted by Wally East on

    I dunno. It seems unitaskerish to me. All it does is open things. I absolutely acknowledge that it would be helpful to some people. For most people, probably not. The use in the upper-right is legitimate if you have small or weak hands. Everything else can be accomplished by something else in your kitchen. Opening a bag of chips? Or a bottle of water? (And, actually, my kitchen scissors can open a quart jar if I have trouble doing it.)

  15. posted by Meg on

    I prefer using a strap wrench for opening jars — though most of the time I can break the seal with the bottle opener on my can opener. My can opener also has a tab puller, so between it and the strap wrench I can do all of the above (even with oddly sized jars), cut open cans (leaving smooth edges), and then use the strap wrench around the house and yard for a lot of other things.

  16. posted by Jessi Long on

    It’s missing the most important one though, the can opener. I think if it had that, I would consider it. Especially if somehow you could reverse it to be left handed.

    Oh and by the way, all twisty things are harder for someone who is left handed to open since you have to twist it away from you or use your weaker hand.

  17. posted by Michelle on

    I have one (in black) & found it was not helpful in opening jars. The handle is too short & so it still hurts my wrists. I had to buy a different style opener. It is a uni-tasker, but when you can’t open a jar with your hands, then you need it!

  18. posted by Natovr on

    Wow! It’s like… a hand! 😀 Only with leaverage

  19. posted by at on

    I had this, it’s great, but it broke in 2 months while I was taking the cap off of a beer bottle 🙁

  20. posted by Genevieve on

    I have small and pretty weak hands, and often require help in opening almost all of these items shown. So I think this looks terrific.

  21. posted by Dan on

    Is this this unitasker a day early? It does one thing someone might need and 5 things that overlap the basics.

    Erin, I really think you blew it on this one.

  22. posted by John of Indiana on

    If they had included the feature of being able to open those blasted poly-prop “clamshells”, I’d by one.

  23. posted by Kevin (ReturnToManliness) on

    This is a great tool. I love it and think it meets all my criteria of manliness. Just one question…does it come in different colors? As a guy, I really don’t care, but since the wife still wants to make sure things coordinate, and this tool is big and full of color, she is going to want to make certain she can get it in red…
    good stuff…

  24. posted by comboman on

    With a little extra thought, I’m sure they could have made it a nutcracker as well.

  25. posted by Ginger on

    Thank you for posting this. A good jar opener is a godsend; one that also gets water bottle tops is a great multifunctional tool for me or anyone with weak hands.

    I see one of these in my future.

  26. posted by Bakaness on

    Honestly, I can do all of those tasks with a normal can opener that cost me around $3 and my hands – and they also open cans and wine bottles! Why buy an extra gizmo?

    If you can’t open a jar, just use a large knife. You hit the lid in a downwards motion, with the corner of the knife near the handle.

  27. posted by Adam Snider on

    I agree with Gabriel. This would probably be great for people with arthritis but, for me, it would never be used for anything other than opening beer bottles, and I already have a bottle opener on my corkscrew, so I don’t see the need to add one more item to my kitchen.

  28. posted by Zed on

    You know what works really well for opening stuck jars/seized taps, etc.? A belt. I’m serious. Cinch it tight and twist. Works great, thought it can be a little hard on the belt.

  29. posted by Emile Dippenaar on

    Looks like a fun thingy, but it can’t open cans. (the ones without the pull ring)

  30. posted by beverlyz on

    This is the gift to give when someone has everything!

  31. posted by Jessi Long on

    a better gift for someone who has everything is an rss feed subscription to unclutterer.

    Does it still count as a gift if it’s free?

  32. posted by Frisael on

    Looking forward to the next multi-tasker – this one wouldn’t even displace my no longer talking Homer Simpson bottle opener.

  33. posted by contrariwise on

    Looks like a handy dandy gadget that I can keep with all my other (dusty) handy dandy gadgets in a side drawer in my kitchen.

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  35. posted by Deborah Marchant on

    The “Jar Pop” – for much easier and simpler opening of jars.

    View images of “Jar Pop” on this link below or type in the words Jar Pop into your search engine.;tab=wi

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