SomethingStore randomly sends you clutter

For those of you who love to be surprised, there is a website that can send that surprise through the mail. The SomethingStore can send you as many random gifts as you’d like. All you need to do is sign up on their site, pay $10 per item and you will receive random products in the mail. (The excitement that you feel while you wait for your package is free.) From the SomethingStore site:

SomethingStore works like a well-oiled machine in three easy steps:

1. Place your order on this page, via Google Checkout, our payment service provider. Your information is safe with us and will not be sold or traded.

2. We will send your randomly picked something within 7 business days and will confirm shipment via email.

3. You will find out what your something is when you receive it and we hope you will be pleasantly surprised.

So it is that easy! Just pay $10 per shipment and you can be in receipt of such randomness as a Paul Potts CD (everyone likes music), Gigli Perfume (is that perfume from the J Lo movie?), earrings, a radio controlled robot, or an incense kit. Check out the randomness here.

Yes, not every item that is sent is questionable. From the items I looked through, there were a few $25 gas cards, an iPod Shuffle, and a $25 Amazon gift card. There are a few nuggets in all of that random stuff, but for every $25 gas card there is a tie and suspender set. But, waiting for your package from the SomethingStore is a gamble and gambling is fun right?

And, OBVIOUSLY, Unclutterer is poking fun at this site and we find this whole concept laughable.

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  1. posted by LoveandSalt on

    I particularly like the part of their website where they promise they do not ship body parts.

    SUCH a relief!

  2. posted by Liza Lee Miller on

    Sounds to me like a great way to unclutter your home. Just ship all the useless stuff you’ve collected off to folks who are starting their OWN collection! ๐Ÿ™‚ Voila! Clutter problem solved!

  3. posted by Emma on

    I know this is a bad idea… but if I was in the US I would SOOO be signing up for one of those. I can’t resist surprises! I would love a box to arrive containing a present.

    This is why I read sites like this – I need help uncluttering!!

  4. posted by Emma on

    – also, unclutterer should totally set up a side project so we can send all our stuff to people who want random stuff!

  5. posted by Sara on

    Holy crap! The worst part is that even though I am repulsed by this idea, I wish I’d come up with it. Pure, cluttery genius…

  6. posted by Jasi on

    Hahahaa! I’m with Liza. Let’s all set up our own vendor on ebay for “Surprise Stuff”. Constant yard sale.

  7. posted by PrairieGal on

    Really? People actually pay for this? Well, then sign me up to sell! I’ll even undercut the price. You send me $8.99, and I’ll send you a “surprise”.

  8. posted by Michele on

    Maybe SomethingStore is run by someone who is uncluttering their own house . . .

  9. posted by Splomo on

    Dudes, they have shipped over 11,000 somethings in 6 months. I need to unclutter, but the thought of buying myself a no-strings surprise was too fun to resist.

    Even when a loved one surprises you, (a) they know you and will try to respond to an expressed wish or need, and (b) you have a duty to respond lovingly, or at least politely.

    I can’t wait to get my surprise, and am enjoying the feeling of hope that it will be valuable or surprisingly appropriate. I’ll post another comment when it arrives.

  10. posted by atsah on

    This is such a hoot! For his birthday, I’m going to have stuff sent randomly to my little brother throughout the rest of the year–he loves getting surprises in the mail, and he’d get a kick out of this.

    (Also, it’s payback for all the cheesy dollar store presents he’s given me over the years.)

  11. posted by Peter on

    This somethingstore perfectly sums up the human need to own worthless crap. Search on ‘space junk’ and see the reality of the crap humankind has wreaked upon our universe. Even intelligent lifeforms from other galaxies knows how cluttered we are…disturbing really.

  12. posted by Ann - One Bag Nation on

    I can totally understand why this is so popular! I think it just touches something in all (or most) of us – don’t we love that little thrill of excitement and anticipation when we’re given a gift?

    I know most of these surprises will end up in the trash – which I object to. We don’t need to create any more waste, especially around here, where I’m trying to transform my own personal landfill (aka the basement) into habitable space.

    No surprise packages for me!

  13. posted by Amy on

    Ha, that’s a great idea. Unfortunately for them, I buy things online and then I usually forget within a day or 2, so by the time USPS,FedEx,etc. actually gets my package delivered, it’s a surprise to me!

  14. posted by Shay on

    I second other folks’ intent to sell. Can we partner with SomethingStore to donate/sell our things, which they can ship to people?

  15. posted by Michelle on

    They’ve tapped into a crucial psychological trait of humans here: random positive reinforcement. It’s like a slot machine. I put my money in, get my package, open it, see the Gigli perfume, and immediately feel disappointed and self-loathing for having spent $10 on something I don’t want. So how do I deal with the disappointment? Spend another $10. Maybe it’ll pay off this time… meanwhile, a pile of useless junk builds in my house, and I don’t have a plan for getting rid of it. Augh! It’s horrible!

  16. posted by Celeste on

    I mostly think it’s sad.

  17. posted by Bex! on

    I think this has great gift giving halariousness written all over it. This pretty much guarantees a laugh at a birthday party. (Admitedly, I am thinking of a peer’s birthday, not my grandmother or my little cousin.) Be sure and give the recipient a regifting tag, and you’re all set.

  18. posted by Sarah on

    I was just thinking my landfill was really missing something โ€ฆ

    this could be it!

  19. posted by European Girl on

    Fantastic! Paying in order to receive unwanted junk… unwanted but unexpected! woot woot ๐Ÿ˜€

  20. posted by Eden on

    Hey, I’ll send everyone a box of junk for $10 a pop and I’ll throw in the shipping. I accept Paypal.

  21. posted by Journeyer on

    What an absolutely bizzare concept! I bet they have made a killing though.

  22. posted by mbm on

    A “Something of the Month” service would actually be kind of a fun gift for the right person. $10 a pop is a little steep though.

  23. posted by adora on

    Obviously created from someone who wanted to get rid of his/her own clutter

  24. posted by Jessica on

    They should have named their site “”.

  25. posted by Anne on

    Maybe it is just late and I am being emotional~been that kind of day…
    but I find it sad that so many people feel the need to pay for a gift or surprize.
    Just sad…I feel a bit of empathy for some very lonely people.

  26. posted by sjwilde on

    What scares me is that I was tempted, even though the sample items they showed, obviously the cream of their crop, are things I’d have no interest in!

  27. posted by Kate Saltfleet on

    What a fantastic marketing idea! Presumably this site gets its goods from surplus stock auctions/end of line deals and then flogs it off for a profit to folks who are sucked in by this “surprise” tag.

    But the thought of ending up with a house full of unwanted junk just for the thrill of a surprise leaves me baffled. Why would you do this to yourself???

  28. posted by Sue on

    Kate: “But the thought of ending up with a house full of unwanted junk just for the thrill of a surprise leaves me baffled. Why would you do this to yourself???”

    Have you ever watched QVC and heard some caller on the air thrilled to brag that they “own every piece of jewelry/clothing/accessories” from that particular line–all while the host purrs and gives verbal rewards?” Then watch Oprah when she does one of her “extreme hoarder” intervention shows!

  29. posted by Just ME on

    I am so strangely tempted. I know that I’ll end up with something like a mechanical ice cream cone so I shall not answer temptation’s call. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I’ll have to keep it in mind for my family’s white elephant at Christmas time, though!

  30. posted by George on

    It’s not a bad idea, it’s fun and $10 are not so much.
    George –

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