Creative uses for velcro cable ties

There are the obvious uses for velcro cable ties:

But, you also can use them to wrap belts for storage or when traveling:

Keep pens and pencils grouped together in your purse or briefcase:

Use multiple ties together to bind larger objects:

Join flip-flops when heading to the pool:

You could even use them to tie up tomato plants.

How do you use velcro cable ties to help keep you organized? Let’s hear about your creative ideas in the comments!

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  1. posted by Tina on

    Velcro cable ties are my favorite organizational accessory! I take the cable clutter busting one step further by tying up a cable and then sticking the tie to a velcro strip mounted to the underside of my desk so the cable doesn’t hang down. I also use a couple of ties to strap a power strip to the underside of my table instead of mounting it permanently.

  2. posted by cordelia on

    My son’s conversion van has accordion blinds in the windows that don’t stay up. I used velcro ties to secure them in their “up” position.

    I use them on cord clutter for the entertainment center/computer area, as well as to neatly store extra speaker wire, various computer cables, etc.

  3. posted by megan on

    I use Velcro ties to store small napkin rings together (I put bulkier napkin rings in ziploc bags).

  4. posted by Meghan on

    I’ve used 2 together to put around the bottom of my pants when I’m riding my bike. Good for wide-leg pants that don’t roll up well.

  5. posted by Jen on

    Erin, I am endlessly amused at the binding-stuff-together tic you seem to have. =) (Socks come to mind…now this.)

  6. posted by Shannon on

    Jen, it’s not just Erin! Who wants to waste time trying to figure out where an item’s partner is? Everything is so much neater and easier if you just take a second to put it together at the start and then make sure it stays that way.

  7. posted by Tami on

    I use Velcro ties to keep the cords for my curling iron and blow dryer cords neatly bundled when I’m not using them.

  8. posted by Johannah on

    I use velcro ties at work a lot for cable management, but I like the Plant Tie Velcro best because it comes in a roll, and you can cut it to the length you need. I bought mine at the hardware store, but you can get it at Amazon too:

  9. posted by Jessica on

    This is very cool. I don’t have any new ideas to contribute but I love the fact that these things exist – they are so much better than the old plastic kind of cable ties that can’t be removed without destroying them.

  10. posted by auntiemichal on

    Velcro straps around their legs will keep two or more card tables from separating (large gatherings, garage sales, bazaar booths, etc).

    While not in strap format, I use velcro to keep a cat bed secure on the corner of my desk and tolerant of leaps in or out. It seems I can’t compute without company, and the visiting cat happily occupies the bed instead of settling on my work! There’s also velcro under my graphics tablet and (old style) telephone to keep them from hitting the floor.

  11. posted by ShopLittleGifts on

    Good idea! Especially for long cables and flipflops. Sometimes I also try to use wide ribbon (from gifts and packages).

  12. posted by Vivian on

    Rubber bands are amazing. I use them for every cable in my plastic box full of cables.

  13. posted by Leslie on

    I use them to keep my laptop cords all tidy. Incidentally, I went to a wholesale fabric store in my town which sells to the public and bought two yards each of adhesive velco; one with the “hooks” and one with “loops”. Rip off the adhesive backing paper, stick them to each other and cut to desired size. Cost me all of $1.50 (CAN). Now I have enough ties to deal with the mouse cords, laptop cords, monitor cords, all other cords. And some to spare!

    By the way, I’m also a big fan of cable ties, for things that need to stay together or wrapped up more permanently (like the excess cords for lamps). But for temporary fixes, velco is the best.

  14. posted by Sarah on

    But what if one doesn’t have access to velcro cable ties?

    I’ve found two alternatives for many of these uses: (1) a wire twist-tie, that comes free with trashbags; or (2) the paper core of a roll of toilet paper. No, I don’t wrap the cord of the iron (electric drill, room fan, etc) around the paper core…I bunch the cord and stick it THROUGH the core. It holds fine, and is much less floppy than bundled wire alone. And you can write things on the core…”Clothing iron, NOT FOR CRAFTS.”

  15. posted by Wobagi on

    I made a grocery basket with the hard half of velcro under the bottom, so when I put it in my car trunk, it doesn’t move. I also use velcro for other items in my car, like fire extinguisher and emergency kit.

  16. posted by char on

    this is my first comment, but i have been loving your blog from afar for a while now! 🙂 i often have five or six plastic bags of groceries a trip. these would be great to hold together the bags on the car trip home so the bags don’t overturn and spill, and also very convenient to carry all the bags into the house tied together as I’m a single woman and have to carry everything myself while still manipulating my purse, keys, etc. this post inspired me! PS i am working on going green.. when i can afford to get some totes for groceries I plan to do that, to forego using all the plastic bags!

  17. posted by Sarah on

    If you really like velcro straps, I suppose you could make a very colorful piece of artwork using a framed felt background and various colors of velcro. ;P

  18. posted by Kathy on

    We put them on our bicycle wheels when putting our bikes away on the storage “tree” — fastening the wheel to the frame, and the wheels stay put — don’t wiggle back and forth and swing perpendicularly out into the room.

  19. posted by Simple Zack on

    Hey Char, that’s a great idea for the grocery bags. I think carrying these little velcro straps around would be much greener than wasting rubber bands.

  20. posted by Celeste on

    I’ve gotten packs of Velcro ties at the dollar store. Love those things. And now I have even more uses for them! =)

    And char, if you live anywhere near a Walgreens, they have Green Bags totes for 99¢!

  21. posted by Monica on

    I have another use for cyclists. Fasteners for U-locks are notoriously terrible. After having my lock fall off my bike while I was riding in traffic, I now secure my bike lock with velcro ties.

  22. posted by Nina on

    I just today got home from the garden store where I bought some velcro cable tie for my tomatoe plants, since I didn’t have any old pantyhose and did not want to damage the stems with wire twist ties.I was shuddering at the cost but now happy with my purchase because You all have given me so many ideas to use the leftover. I can even reuse the ties after the season.

  23. posted by Dave on

    I wrapped a strip of Velcro around the frame of my bike and around an aerosol can of pepper spray to provide a temporary “dock” for the spray which is useful for repelling dogs that like to snap at bicycle riders.

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