Make your own collapsible fabric box

Over at Associated Content, they have step-by-step directions on how to make your own collapsible fabric boxes. From the AC article:

Home storage is always in short supply. Often, people resort to using cardboard boxes or plastic cartons to store their items in closets, the attic, or cellars. But many items have to be stored out in the open. A great way of creating quick and attractive storage solutions is by crafting collapsible fabric boxes.

Rather than running out and buying some run-of-the-mill plastic storage bins, you can customize the look by picking out some fabric you may already have. If you are happy with the look of your creation, you can keep the storage box in the open rather than hiding it away in a closet.

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  1. posted by Katie on

    I love this idea! Does anyone have any pictures of a completed box?

  2. posted by Ann - One Bag Nation on

    I recently switched from a traditional inbox to a colorful fabric box and I love it!

    I go through the box weekly and in the meantime I don’t have to look at the bills and other items until I’m ready to deal with them.

  3. posted by Ann - One Bag Nation on

    ooops – I’ll try the link to the photo again.

    colorful fabric box

  4. posted by Mark on

    It’s unfortunate, but the step-by-step directions, while nice, really suffer from the lack of a picture illustrating the final result!

    (Ann, thanks for the link – unfortunately it goes to a page that requires a login/password?)


  5. posted by [email protected] on

    Ann, I can’t open the link…it asks me to log in.

  6. posted by georgie on

    A photo would have been nice. Why not just get the cardboard Bankers box and cover that with nice fabric? You could use spray adhesive to attach fabric to cardboard and some notions to make it look custom. Not easily foldable, but they do have lids.

  7. posted by Celeste on

    The directions are awfully unclear. If this person would even put it on YouTube, it would help a lot. I don’t think this sounds like all that efficient of a box when all is said and done.

    The Container Store and the discount stores sell collapsible nylon bags with handles that store relatively flat to very flat. It would cost less to use one of these than it would to buy the materials for making your own. Granted you would not be able to customize the fabric. However I have one of the nylon ones from a discount store, and I really love that it is made of mesh so that you can see what’s in it. We use one just for outdoor toys like balls, bats, frisbees, and jump ropes.

  8. posted by mb on

    I agree pictures would have been great. I think I will use the directions to make a cat bed that is totally washable.

    Thanks so much for posting the link.

  9. posted by Canadian Coco on

    I would need a visual.

  10. posted by c5 on

    I think she meant the pic below which I looked for in her blog.

    Ann’s colorful fabric box

  11. posted by whimsygirl on

    Here’s another great tut for a similar idea.


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