Unitasker Wednesday: The cellphone holder

When you are at your desk and you are not using your cellphone, what do you do with it? I generally put it on my desk or keep it in my pocket. What was I thinking?!? All these years I could have had my very own cute and whimsical cellphone holder. You’ll never misplace your cellphone again when you use one of these. With your choice of bear, cat, or dog (pictured) you can even collect all three.

Why not have one at your desk, one on your nightstand, and one on your dashboard? Your cellphone will always be in good hands, er, paws. They are only $4.95, so you won’t break the bank paying for these adorable little helpers. Maybe these cute little holders aren’t unitaskers after all? They can hold anything that is roughly the size of a cellphone. I may pick up a handful of these things to hold onto my wallet, iPod, business cards, my sense of style, and of course my cellphone.

**Each week, the Unitasker Wednesday column humorously pokes fun at the unnecessary, single-use items that manage to find their way into our homes.

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  1. posted by T on

    Might not want to be keeping your cell in your pocket if you may at some point have kids in the future…!

  2. posted by Erin Doland on

    @T — That was a joke, right? Because we hope you know where pockets on pants are (your hips) AND that Matt already has children (he writes all of the parenting posts on Unclutterer) AND that you can be impotent and still have children (which would mean your statement is completely offensive to people who adopt). So we’re just assuming that your statement was a joke.

  3. posted by Meghan on

    Uh, I actually have a cell phone holder on my desk at work. It’s adorable. How can something so cute be clutter? Here’s a link to mine…

  4. posted by Anne on

    I know what would happen to this…I would have it lookin’ cute on some table or desk and still forget where I layed my cell phone.
    I need one of those phones with a curly cord that is attached to a wall! lol A unitasker for sure!

  5. posted by melissa on

    I keep my mobile in my bag when I’m at work. I’ve got BluePhoneElite installed on my work MacBook so the two are joined via Bluetooth. If someone rings me, the callerID pops up on my screen, and if I get any texts, I just hit reply on screen and type out my reply without my mobile ever leaving my bag. It has honestly changed my life (and with a full keyboard, I actually put proper punctuation in my text messages!)

  6. posted by Erin Doland on

    @melissa — Brilliant!!

  7. posted by Sue on

    Um–WHAT is that dog doing to that phone??? LOL!

  8. posted by allen on

    I could see this being useful for some; You always know where your cell is (for the scatter brained among us). However, I agree that for the vast majority it’s just another way to waste space and a few bucks.

  9. posted by Meags on

    I had a really cute one in the shape of a stiletto, but when I realized a year later it was just taking up space and I was keeping my mobile in my purse – I donated it to Goodwill.

  10. posted by Pat on

    I don’t really have a problem with this one. It’s tacky, but like labeled folders it reinforces the “placeness” of an item. (“A place for everything” and all that.)

    It’s the same reason we label (say) storage cubbies. I can easily remember that the second one from the right is for pocket change (and can also easily look inside if I forget), but the act of labeling it nicely means that I’ve “officialized” the place… and now putting change on top of the television instead is “incorrect”.

    This thing would be useless and embarrassing to me, but it’s fine for someone like my mother. If I were building her a landing strip, and the cat version were not so ugly, I would buy it and hot-glue it to the strip to make completely clear “This is where the cellphone goes.” “You must put your cellphone here or the kitty is sad and purposeless.”

    Uncluttered doesn’t always mean fewer things in your house. I could get down to 100 things and keep them all on the floor and I would still be cluttered. It’s about finding a system that a place’s inhabitants can stick to. If they enjoy the process — because, for example, they love tacky figurines — it reinforces the behavior and it becomes committed to habit.

  11. posted by HMR on

    “sad and purposeless”


    This will keep me laughing for days.

    And I think that having a designated cell phone holder – whether a cat, a stiletto or a simple tray on your desk – can be a good thing for many people.

  12. posted by lana on

    @Sue – If you’ve ever owned a male pug, you wouldn’t need to ask.

    That creature is so ugly, it crossed the line from hideous to cute again. I can’t see myself buying one, but if someone gave it to me, I wouldn’t throw it away. It would make me laugh every day looking at that stupid thing!

  13. posted by lana on

    I don’t think I’d trust it with my cellphone though… maybe a toothbrush. Or a spatula.

  14. posted by sue on

    Lana–I knew what he was doing (I have a male Lab)–I just wouldn’t want him doing it to my phone! LOL!

  15. posted by Sarah on

    Do you think there’s a Rainbow Bridge for animal kitsch?

  16. posted by Rachel on

    I have one in the shape of a beach chair on my desk at work. It is also a place to put randomly collected buisness cards that are still needing a home. It’s wonderful for keeping those loose items from accumulating on my workspace. I love mine!

  17. posted by Sandra on

    @Meghan – I think exceptions can be made for unitaskers that greatly improve your quality of life through cuteness. After all, if an act of uncluttering makes you UNhappier, it’s missing the point. 🙂

    My new birth control pills (librel is I think how you spell it) actually come in these obnoxious little packs with a peel-off top and a plastic bottom. I keep trying to find uses for the bottoms because I feel bad throwing them out, and I discovered they’re actually a great size for holding cellphones/other small portable electronics while they charge.

  18. posted by Sara on

    Ugh. I’m just imagining dusting that thing constantly. I have a feeling people who misplace their phones won’t always remember to use the holder, regardless of how ugly it looks.

  19. posted by Katie on

    Why does it have people feet????

  20. posted by Lynoure Braakman on

    My mother adores pugs. And as pug statues go, this one looks somewhat useful. Pity it’s plastic.

  21. posted by Amanda on

    I’m with Rachel. I have a beach chair one that I was given as a freebie at a conference, and it’s awesome.

  22. posted by ClickerTrainer on

    This is kind of silly, but I can concede that some folks lose their phones without a special place for it to live.

    However, I’d like to nominate my Faberware indoor grill as the ultimate unitasker. It grills. It’s hard to clean. It’s bulky. I’ve used it once, when my mother made me. Guess who gave it to me. I really hate that thing.

  23. posted by bunny on

    I actually have and use two of these. Mine are ceramic, with a subtle flower pattern on them. Both were gifts.

    My phone has a flip top to show the keyboard and is sort of largish & bulky. My holder has a hole in the bottom where the charging cord comes in, and rubber things on the feet to prevent it from skidding.

    Before I had it, the cat bumped the cord and knocked the phone onto the floor where it broke. Now if he (or our toddler) bumps the cord, it unplugs the phone but the phone stays in the holder. Saved phone FTW!

    It’s really useful, at least if your phone is designed like mine is.

  24. posted by Amy on

    This is not a unitasker. It actually takes your useless and unattractive kitsch and gives it an unattractive new purpose.

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