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  1. posted by AliG on

    While I am thankful that people are looking for alternatives to McMansions, small living spaces are not exactly a novel concept – take about 100 of his houses, pile them on top of each other, and you have an apartment building. Little houses still commit the sins of suburban sprawl – less efficient to heat/cool, take up comparatively large plots of land and require people to drive longer distances – so if you really prefer to live in a small space, why not give the planet a break, leave the plot of land empty and buy an apartment?

  2. posted by Megan on

    I’d get claustrophobic, just as I do in a large house with lots of clutter. For me, the point of decluttering is to have nice clean space around me. Granted, I don’t need a McMansion for that, but a house that tiny would be horrible for me too. Can you even have rooms? I need separation of living spaces – no studio dwellings for me. Just not my thing, I guess.

  3. posted by Renee on

    I would love to live in one of those tiny houses. I’d use the land to grow my own food and raise chickens. Don’t know what I’d do with all my books, though…. 😀

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