Multi-tasking gadgets worth sharing

We have recently stumbled upon some fun multitaskers and thought you might enjoy them, too:

An ironing board ladder. It’s an adjustable height ladder and an ironing board in one unit. It’s perfect for people in small spaces.

The Chumby. It’s an alarm clock with a LCD display that connects to the internet. You can listen to music and podcasts, get the weather, view sports scores, hear the latest headlines, play games, and message other Chumby users. Basically, it’s the next generation in clock radios.

USB flash drive bracelet. It’s a piece of jewelry and a 2GB flash drive. I can see these being perfect for high school students who are working on projects at home and at school.

Restoration Hardware’s utility apron. Shove everything you can imagine into the pockets while you’re doing housework or gardening. Thanks to Asha at Parent Hacks for this suggestion!

Here are some other multitaskers we’ve covered in the past: iPhone, credit card survival tool, Swiss army knife, chair ladder, and the Coleman blanket.

Have you encountered any fun multitaskers recently? Please share your finds in the comments section.

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  1. posted by Simple Zack on

    The USB bracelet sounds interesting. I don’t know if I would use it, but I’m sure it would come in handy for some people. As for the internet alarm clock, figures. Eventually the walls will display the internet.

  2. posted by Sarah on

    After my twins were born, I learned about the baby towel/apron/bath supply organizer. If I had to do it all over, I would have ordered two. I could have kept all their bath supplies inside the aprons, hanging on two hooks.
    I found a version at this website:

  3. posted by Null and Void on

    I like my Chumby. Even my wife, who is not a gadget person, likes it. We can glance at it to get the weather forecast and see what’s on our Google calender without having to go to the computer.

  4. posted by Mary on

    I love the USB bracelet … I predict they’ll be available soon with college logos!

  5. posted by Meghan on

    I was at a concert last summer and was handed a version of the USB bracelet with a Grey’s Anatomy logo – on the drive was the show’s theme song and some photos of the cast. I don’t watch the show – but I thought it was a great marketing idea. I erased all the files and I use it all the time to bring files back and forth between home and work. I don’t wear it though!

  6. posted by Carrie C on

    I love the idea of a Multitasker Day to complement Unitasker Wednesday. The ironing board stepladder is genius!

  7. posted by Mario on

    We take our share of laughs checking Unitasker Wednesdays, and I’m sure you get a good deal of gizmos sent in for consideration every week.

    But how about a Multitasker Friday (or any other day?)

    Being this a site oriented towards uncluttering, I think this could be a big hit. You can post more as the ones you’ve shared with us (too bad they’re too few!!!), and I’m sure your readers can provide you with exactly what you need.

  8. posted by Mario on

    I personally use the Leatherman Wave (

    Think of it as a Swiss Army Knife on steroids. I don’t like endorsing stuff, but this tool has saved me in numerous occasions. Although it lacks some of the tools the SAK has (like a corkscrew, hook and tootpick), you get heftier knives, more screwdriver options and a mean-looking plier.

  9. posted by Russell on

    Multitasker Monday sounds better. I miss Extreme Minimalist Mondays.

  10. posted by Russell on

    Is the chumby portable? Otherwise, it seems less useful when compared to a cellphone. The hardware apron seems practical, though.

  11. posted by Eric on

    I’ve had a Chumby since Christmastime and I _love_ it. It’s so customizable, and it’s GREAT for just taking a break. It’s nice to have something there that I can look at before I go to sleep too. I think the best thing is that I can get some little nugget of info without having to do anything, no searching through bookmarks, typing in URIs, remembering passwords, etc.

  12. posted by Diana on

    I would be concern that the flash drive bracelet would get wet, like if I would go to wash my hands.

  13. posted by John Trosko on

    The ironing board/ladder is fantastic! But if you like to hang your ironing board high in a closet, how do you get to it? ha ha!


  14. posted by Andrew G on

    I like the utility apron and the ironing ladder.

    I wouldn’t really call the flash drive bracelet a multitasker, it’s a bracelet that can hold a flash drive, but so can your wallet, a pocket or a chain around your neck.

    After researching the chumby, it does seem kind of interesting but I can get all that information on my computer already. Aren’t alarm clocks supposed to be annoying so that there’s a reason to get up? Playing your own music would defeat that purpose.

  15. posted by Russell L. on


    As long as you let it dry before you plug it in, USB drives are fairly resilient to water since they don’t have any electric charge on them (capacitor or battery) when they aren’t plugged in. I’ve had a few take a trip through my laundry and they survived just fine and work still.

    Those bracelets also look like they seal decently but since I don’t have my hands on one, I can’t really tell.

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