Workspace of the Week: An organized cubicle

This week’s Workspace of the Week is Jay’s cubicle:

I decided to write about Jay’s cubicle because it is the first cubicle entry we’ve had in the Unclutterer flickr pool. It is an organized cubicle, too! The dry erase board on the right wall looks to be functional, the trash can is in an easily accessible location, and nothing appears to be unnecessarily cluttering up the work surface. I also like the creative use of what looks to be a popcorn tin being used as a laptop stand. Thank you, Jay, for your photo submission!

I worked for many years in cubicles and routinely fought with their poor layouts and cramped quarters. If you are in a cubicle and have found organized solutions for your space, I know that our readership would love to see what you’ve done. Let’s get more organized cubicle pictures in the flickr pool!

Want to have your own workspace featured in Workspace of the Week? Submit a picture to the Unclutterer flickr pool. Check it out because we have a nice little community brewing there. Also, don’t forget that workspaces aren’t just desks. If you’re a cook, it’s a kitchen; if you’re a carpenter, it’s your workbench.

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  1. posted by Springpeeper on

    And what is that I see on the left-hand side of the desk? A thermos? Jay must be thrifty and green as well as organized! Good man!

  2. posted by Springpeeper on

    Sorry, I meant the right-hand side of the desk!

  3. posted by TC on

    I am an interior designer/space planner working for a furniture dealership. Don’t hate me, but planning cubicles is a large part of my job. People often overlook making use of the vertical real estate (the panels) for maximim organizing potential. There are a lot of cool products out there available through the dealerships representing the large system furniture manufacturers. For example, check out and look up Details Slatwall for lots of organizing solutions.


    P.S. I sit in a cube and I use Slatwall.

  4. posted by One Bag Nation on

    This photo makes me so glad I don’t work in a cubicle!

    I admire his tidiness, but I would encourage Jay to add some soul to his space with a photo, a plant, or some artwork – maybe all three.

  5. posted by Mer on

    I’ll give it a nom for “Most Depressing Workspace.”

  6. posted by Cole on

    Yes, I agree. Wanted to give it praise but its just so “I can clean out my desk and be replaced by a drone in five minutes”. 🙁

  7. posted by Cat on

    Depressing but serious and quiet, and projects an air of focusing on work – I’d much prefer to have him as my neighbor than someone with loads of cat paraphernalia, mismatched junky, dusty picture frames, last week’s dying birthday flowers starting to smell, and enlarged copies of Cathy cartoons stuck to every cabinet door…

    Curious what’s going on with the suitcase – was the photo taken before departing straight for vacation?

  8. posted by K on

    Oy, depressing. Just a nod in the ‘unorganized’ direction: there’s still airport tags on those bags!

  9. posted by Andrew on

    It’s borderline sterile. Tidiness is one thing, but where’s the character, the charm? You can have all that and still have a little clutter in your cubicle.

    I work in a cube and if I didn’t have bits of my personality in it, I’d have jumped out the window a long time ago… wait a second, there aren’t any windows! *pulls hair out*

  10. posted by Shay on

    I’m a cubicle worker myself, and this does strike me as a bit dreary. But I just have to wonder if the same group of people calling it “depressing” would complain about “clutter” if he had a few pictures and paraphernalia on the desk.

    Andrew started to get to this in his post. Where do you all draw the line of personality vs. clutter? What’s sterile, what’s depressing, what’s clean?

  11. posted by Cat on

    Personality = a few (IMHO, 3 max – that should cover partner/children/relatives) personal photos, a plant, maybe a piece of art. It’s called work for a reason – having a few special items makes your space welcoming and individual, but without sending the message that you’d rather be anywhere but there.

    Clutter = if someone sat down at your desk and could put together your life story (or at least the story of your present life) with little effort.

  12. posted by K on

    It almost says ‘I’m a temp’ in a way. If there was a firing there, it would be less than one box to take to the exit!

    For personality vs. clutter — uncluttered personality is something that has order and boundaries. 🙂

  13. posted by bmcgre on

    There’s a very good reason this guys chair is gone…

  14. posted by Luxcat on

    Yep, my first reaction was “a small potted green low maintainence plant would help”. My sister in law once commented on my partners (very organized) desk and said “if you worked in my company the HR person would be calling you into the office to see why you were about to leave, you have nothing personal in here”. He added one photo and a framed newspaper clipping of interest and while he’s still one foot out the door, no one can tell.

  15. posted by David on

    Based solely on the cubicle, I would not want to work with or for Jay.

  16. posted by Christian on

    Where’s the chair? Shouldn’t it actually look like you work? And bare walls mean no clutter, but nothing else either.

  17. posted by Jay Dugger on

    No chair appears in the picture because I sat in it to take the photograph.

    Photos and artwork existed on Flickr, the site open on the laptop’s screen, or at home.

    Three clippings existed, pinned to the interior-facing wall, such that I alone could see them. See the image page on Flickr for details.

    The “suitcase” holds company-issued tools.

    K has it exactly right. I set everything set so I would need to pack one box and delete two directory trees at departure because the employer came from an aerospace company with a history of sudden lay-offs.

    The lack of papers comes from a deliberate minimum-paper policy. Again, see the image page on Flickr for details.

  18. posted by Behind the photo on Here is what I think about cubicles.

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