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After Matt’s post last week about low-maintenance perennials, I thought it might be helpful to provide a tip to those who are more enthusiastic about gardening.

Readers Melissa and Chromy suggest that the green thumb among you may want to take a look at It’s an online community that allows you to organize, track, and share your plants. You can submit photographs and ask questions of other members, and learn all there is to know about what is growing in your garden.

I’ve explored and it seems very similar to Ravelry. Any tool to help organize your hobbies sounds like a terrific resource to me. Happy gardening!

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  1. posted by Janet on

    Doesn’t this seem like more work than it’s worth? The point of organization and uncluttering should be to help streamline your life and make it simpler. All you get from this site is a way to add more online work to a completely offline activity. You’re just making more work for yourself. If someone enjoys doing that as part of a gardening hobby, fine, but a post about it doesn’t belong on this site. It’s counterproductive – it doesn’t simplify your life, it complicates it.

  2. posted by Erin Doland on

    @Janet — I think that most serious gardeners keep a journal tracking their supplies, plantings, and growths. This is an alternative to that journal.

  3. posted by Julie on

    I use MyFolia and definitely find it cuts down on clutter. I like to keep track of when I planted everything, take photos of progress and my finished ‘harvests’ of vegies, and if I couldn’t do this online I’d end up with a box of photos that I meant to stick in a journal or calendar, with sticky notes reminding me of when to dig up potatoes and so on. MyFolia lets me make updates within minutes, and the photos can stay digital instead of having to be printed and stored.

    If a gardener was likely to actually keep a small journal up-to-date, or didn’t care about record-keeping so much, I don’t know if MyFolia would be so handy for them. But for me, it’s fantastic.

  4. posted by Cheryl on

    I’m not real tech savvy but I do use paper and pencil to keep track of my plants. It’s extremely helpful if a plant needs a different spot or weeding in early spring when a green thing might be pulled up by its roots by accident! I take photos, too and have a many year tradition of standing in the same spot to get my favorite tree in all the seasons. I live in upstate NY.

  5. posted by Donna on

    I use myfolia and find it an absolute godsend. It helps me keep track of what things re where, when they were planted and what problems or otherwise I have had. It may seem bizarre to take a notebook computer into the garden but the data that are being generated eg germination times for my area and times to maturity, are invaluable. It is helping me become much more efficient and the information will help next years plantings.
    Yes, I could do the same with paper but it would be a MESS!

  6. posted by Indig on

    I didn’t do much with MyFolia last year, but I am so glad I started to catalog my plants. Now I know what I actually planted last year.

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