Unitasker Wednesday: Doggie playpen

Training a dog can be a very rewarding experience. I had the pleasure of training my parents’ black lab when I was in high school. If a dog is brought into one’s home, training it should be a top priority. An unruly dog can wreak havoc on your home and leave a trail of destruction in its wake … and on your chair legs and carpets and shoes and …

So, what can one do to combat an “untrainable” dog? Well, stick it in a playpen, of course! A playpen will surely take care of all of your problems! The Pet Playpen is a perfect way to offset a poorly trained dog when Fido isn’t in his crate. Measuring in at 35″ x 35″ x 24-1/2″ and weighing 25 lbs, it can make any room a whole lot smaller by cornering off a large chunk of it for the out-of-control pup. Putting it next to your pup’s crate will make your room fully impassable.

**Each week, the Unitasker Wednesday column humorously pokes fun at the unnecessary, single-use items that manage to find their way into our homes.

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  1. posted by Katie on

    If anyone is really considering buying something like this, may I recommend the metal ex-pens that fold up in two-foot sections? They’re much sleeker and more compact, you can easily slide them into the trunk of your car, and they come in different heights. You can get them at most online pet stores and some brick and mortar stores.

    Here’s a link.

  2. posted by Tommy on

    The best part is that its not really much bigger than the dog’s crate. The dog shown in the picture is probably too large for this play pen. It would have approximately 18″ of room to move around in that wasn’t currently occupied by the dog. So if your dog is bigger than 10 lbs. you may just need to interact with it on occasion.

    The people who order this should look into hamsters next time round.

  3. posted by Moriah on

    I don’t think this would hold anything more than a small puppy! I know my family has a 12 lb. Yorkie-Poo and he can scale child gates and almost any other blockade you throw at him.

  4. posted by John Ek on

    I highly recommend this type of gate http://www.petstreetmall.com/D.....3829/1374/

    especially for a lab. I have 9 year old lab that I trained based on the seeing eye dogs program and he is a wonderfully behaved dog. I could not have done it with out this type of pen. Great for traveling to.

  5. posted by Karen on

    I’m not sure this pen is the right answer (it seems very small and bulky), but there are times when I need to confine my pets – for example, when I have a repairman coming in and out who leaves the door open. Living in a small apartment, I don’t have a room that I can shut off from the rest of the house.

    I’ve managed with a baby gate so far, but a pen would have been handy – if it was foldable, easy to store, large enough and cheap, which this one doesn’t seem to be.

  6. posted by ADM on

    I bought one of these seven years ago when I got my puppy, and we still the two-panel sections to block the pooch from certain parts of the yard and the house. He’s a smaller guy though.


  7. posted by Jarick on

    Every dog owner should have a crate, be it cage or kennel. Round pens have their uses, but not for your average owner, and usually not indoors.

  8. posted by Xerxes3rd on

    I doubt they make one that would hold our English Mastiff. Furthermore, a suitable playpen is a soft bed where he can sleep. =)

  9. posted by Bill on

    We’ve been looking for a multitasking dog kennel since we took in a five year old corgi a few months ago. Right now, we have this big, metal, ugly kennel in the corner of the living room. I just want *something* that could function as more than just a dog kennel. Anyone have any ideas?

  10. posted by el on

    Now I feel a little stupid. I always saw the Unitasker Wednesdays and I thought these were things you were suggesting us to buy. I get it now. haha

  11. posted by Katie on

    Bill, this is for cats, but maybe it’ll inspire you:

    Cat Washroom Nightstand and Pet House

  12. posted by Beverly on

    I’m not sure how a dog kennel could be anything other than a dog kennel. But here is a suggestion. We used something called the Superyard XT for my grandson when he was learning to walk and we needed to block him from going all over the house and out of his mother’s sight. The doorways were too wide for a regular gate. We set aside space in the great room (I know if you live in 900 sq ft this won’t work) and put together only 4 of the 6 sides, put in some toys, and it worked better than a playpen. When we took him out visiting, we put it together with all 6 sides, and some cousins got in too, it was big enough. It’s 26″ high and made of durable plastic. Now my daughter uses parts of it to close off sections that she doesn’t want him to access. If this were a dog, I’d use the 4 sides, and figure out other ways to use it later as fencing. Toys R Us carries it, probably other places like that also.

  13. posted by rob on

    Unitasker? you could put CHILDREN in that too ya know!

  14. posted by Sue on

    You could put your Christmas tree in there, to keep out the pets and kids!


  15. posted by Andrew on

    Bill —

    Orvis has a number of wood furniture crates.


    Our six month old corgi will be getting one soon.


  16. posted by Dana on

    I needed something like this when my girls were small…..


  17. posted by Katie on

    Sue, re: the Christmas tree. I tried that last year. It didn’t go quite as expected.

    Okay, three comments on one post! I’m feeling clutterful.

  18. posted by Anne on

    you made me giggle, I had visions of this lady somewhere pondering, gosh that seems a bit wasteful, but perhaps it has a meaning I don’t appreciate…
    I am laughing with you, not at you. 🙂
    UNitasker Weds are my favorites!!!

  19. posted by Molly on

    Andrew, those are gorgeous! Definitely not a Unitasker. Man, like I didn’t already wish I could have a dog at this point in my life, now I can crave dual-purpose furniture to go with it?

  20. posted by Clark on

    I use the downstairs bathroom.

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