CNET’s guide to wireless products

Wire and cable clutter is a real pet peeve of mine. Here at Unclutterer we have an entire category devoted to getting wires and cables in order. The good folks over at CNET have a feature highlighting just about everything you can think of that is available in the wireless world. From CNET:

More and more gadgets are letting us cut the cord. From home theaters and headphones to routers and radios, wireless tech simplifies all kinds of connections. This month’s feature tackles the wonder of wireless, looking at how far off we are from a fully wireless home, along with a gaggle of gadgets that can ready your home for the wireless way, starting today.

If you are in the market for a new gadget, you may want to check out what is available in a wireless option. The less wires you have the more uncluttered your space will be.

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  1. posted by Suzyn on

    With the news that’s coming out about the connections between cell phones and health problems, I’m not sure I want a house full of wireless gadgetry!

  2. posted by Erin Doland on

    @Suzyn — Wireless gadgetry works similar to a radio. A computer puts out a signal and the product receives that signal. You are surrounded by these invisible waves pretty much every hour of every day. You can’t avoid them.

  3. posted by Marie on

    I am waiting desperately for the day that all power tools are cordless! My husband and I have been doing some home improvement projects lately, and as the circular saws and drills and other things pile up on the floor and start to tangle together, the garage becomes an obstacle course.

  4. posted by ShopLittleGifts on

    Oh interesting – I just looked at the cable clutter category – lots of great ideas!! I love all the tools that help to hide the wires. I wish they made more retractable wires. I have a retractable wired mouse – I wish they made retractable ethernet cables as well.

  5. posted by Envark on


    They do make retractable Ethernet cables.

  6. posted by JohnnyRocket on

    @Erin Doland

    Just because we are helplessly surrounded by radio waves doesn’t mean we need to have more transmitters surrounding us in our home.

    For those familiar with the inverse-square law of electromagnetic waves, it makes sense that a transmitting device close to us (in our homes) could be a legitimate cause for concern than a distant cell tower and TV station.

    A cell phone propped up against your skull for hours a day is nothing to make light of, despite having radio stations sending out waves for decades, due to the inverse-square law.

  7. posted by Erin Doland on

    @JohnnyRocket — More people in a year are injured tripping over a power cord in their homes than get cancer from a wireless printer. Most information for wireless devices in your home is transmitted through radio waves (which occur naturally regardless of if there is information on that frequency) and infrared light (which again is a naturally occurring light wave). The remote key for your car and your garage door opener are wireless devices and operate using radio or infrared waves. Your neighbor’s invisible dog fence … yep, same thing. The electromagnetic field I believe you’re referencing is more significant at a power source (outlet/power cord) than in a device. Additionally, your computer, the one you’re reading this comment on right now, emits a more significant electromagnetic field than your wireless garage door opener. Feel welcome to fear wireless devices, but the reality is that they’re unavoidable.

  8. posted by lionel on

    I dunno… cables laying about everywhere always makes me feel … high-tech. But then again, that’s why my desk area is overflowing with clutter.

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