Wi-fi printer on sale now

The Brother HL-2170W is now on sale for a very reasonable $99.99. You can get rid of that clutter-inducing USB cord that you currently have attached to your printer. If you are in the market for a new printer, this is a very affordable option that gets rid of cable clutter and streamlines your workspace.

CNET has a pretty decent review of this wireless printer and the Amazon customer reviews are rather positive. For just a penny under $100, you could do a lot worse.

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  1. posted by justelise on

    The only thing worse than Brother printers is Brother’s Tech Support and Customer Service. I don’t think it’s possible to do worse than them. Save a little bit of money and go for an HP or Canon. The trouble a Brother will bring you is not worth freeing yourself of one cable (either network or USB). Spend time researching other brands before you end up stuck with a product from a company that has notoriously bad support.

  2. posted by Trent Hamm on

    My solution for the home wireless network is to just get a router that allows you to plug in the printer and get it on the network. That way, you’re not restricted to dodgy printers and can choose the best one for the job.

  3. posted by Catherine on

    I wholeheartedly agree with justelise above, regarding Brother printers. If the brand can be avoided, it should be.

  4. posted by Jessica Eastman on

    I also agree with justelise and Catherine – I’ve had many troubles with Brother printers. But I do love having a wireless printer (we have an HP) and recommend that idea.

  5. posted by andy on

    I guess I am the lone voice of support for Brother printers. I researched extensively for a networked duplex laser printer that was affordable for personal use. I chose the Brother HL-5240dn which met all of the above criteria. Allowed for a clutter free workspace since it was tethered to the router, and allowed for duplex printing when learning necessitated printing out professors lectures.

    Now to Master’s degrees later, I stand proudly behind my little printer and the unwavering support it gave me in academia (I wish the same could be said for my profs!). Never once failed me, and did everything it said it would.

    To each there own, but I’d purchase a Brother laser printer again in a heartbeat.

  6. posted by Liza Lee Miller on

    I have nothing but love for the Brother printers. I bought one two years ago to use in my classroom. Money was the sole consideration. It is a workhorse — plugging away printing and copying stuff for me on a daily basis. My husband was looking for a solution that would let him get two printers. We ended up getting one of them from Brother and we are equally pleased with them. My classroom brother was even packed away for a year in a damp environment — I figured that would kill it but it’s plugging away like a champ still. It may die tomorrow but then again, I paid $70 for it three years ago. Money well spent.

  7. posted by Tina Mammoser on

    I agree with Trent – the facility has already been available with wi-fi routers. Our house laserprinter is plugged into our Apple Airport and we print wirelessly from various computers (PC & Mac), have done for over a year now. Keep your old printer – which may even multi-task! hoorah! – and update your router.

  8. posted by Tom on

    My next laser printer will also be a Brother. I’ve had a 1470n since 2000. It’s networked, has a web interface to control settings, does postscript and supports every Windows, Mac or Unix OS out there. It was about $500 and worth it.

    Personally, I like to have my network wired. WiFi is shared and as the number of devices goes up, the individual bandwidth goes down. But, a printer is intermittent too.

    I’ve had inkjets and unless you use them, they clog. A laser can go months w/o printing and doesn’t need to be unclogged, etc.

    In addition, my 4 yr old loves to have a steady supply of drawing paper in its drawer…..

  9. posted by Ann at One Bag Nation on

    I would love to have a wireless printer, but my little inkjet Epson is still going strong, and is adequate for my needs.

  10. posted by Steph on

    I think “clutter-inducing USB cord” toes the OCD line a bit. It’s just a cord.

  11. posted by Andrea on

    I have a Brother wireless fax/copy/printer. I have only had it a couple of months but I have been very pleased with it.
    I like the benefit of being able to print from anywhere I am working, like outside on the patio today. 🙂

  12. posted by cdelphine on

    I’m with Steph. “Clutter-inducing USB cord?” It really is just a cord. I’m all for uncluttering but I think that if you obsess over it too much trying to unclutter is worse for your life than being cluttered. Ah well, to each his own I suppose

  13. posted by lionel on

    You’ll still have to plug the thing in, so one less cord isn’t a big deal.

  14. posted by Mary on

    I actually find cords to be very clutter-inducing. They make vacuuming and dusting more difficult as they are in the way and, if you are not into hooking stuff up, one must be careful to not pull them out. What a pain!!

  15. posted by Sam R. Hall on

    I love Brother printers. It’s all I buy for myself and when I set up an office.

    This particular model works great. It’s not necessarily a workhorse printer, but it does a great job for mid-range capabilities.

    If you want something heavier duty, then try the HL5280DW.

    Both work with a Mac, for you Apple folks like myself.

  16. posted by Ben on

    I’m a huge fan of Brother printers. I don’t believe the quality is significantly better or worse than the more popular brands, but their drivers are fantastic.

    If you’re concerned about clutter in your home, why are you willing to accept the digital equivalent of clutter when a Canon or HP printer driver quietly installs two or three trial programs and sets them to run automatically? These ‘extras’ only slow your computer down.

    Brother’s printer driver is just that – a driver. No extra software and no nonsense, and for that alone they have my business for life.

  17. posted by Ben on

    I got the version of this printer that connects to ethernet with copper as a gift a year and a half ago, and I’ve had zero problems with it.

  18. posted by JokersWild on

    I bought this at Best Buy a couple of months ago as a package of the printer, an extra toner cartridge and a pack of printing paper for around $147.

    The really upside to this printer is that the cartridges tend to be cheaper, especially in comparison to the Samsung 2010 that it replaced. $79 for the Samsung toner versus $35 for the Brother.

  19. posted by wilkee on

    My suggestion would be to get an HP. They really are the best for ink efficiency. At Staples right now they are offering $50 off a new HP printer when you recycle your old printer. So you can pretty much get rid of an old clunker and get a new one for $50 less. Pretty sweet deal.

  20. posted by Kieran on

    I have a wireless printer, lexmark. and i got it because i live in an apartment with out much room. So i have my printer (which i only use 2-3 times a month) and put it in the closet on top of a wine rack. so i never have to see it and it isn’t taking up much space because it is basically in dead unusable space anyway.

  21. posted by Jose Paul Martin on

    Airport Extreme is the best option! You have a wireless router that can not only connect your printer, but also other usb devices. The usage of ‘bonjour’ – makes life so much simpler. If I’m right, bonjour was originally developed during the early days of apple/mac – which just goes to show the foresight of Steve Jobs and his team.

    I’ll be uploading a photo of my uncluttered (the before – was to embarrassing to show!)

  22. posted by lachlan on

    i have a brother 2120 laser, which is BRILLIANT, but does use a lot of desk real estate… so i’ve bought a dell 3300 wi-fi printer adapter so that i can leave my printer in the hall cupboard, and still print over my wireless network… i’ll update y’all when it arrives to let everyone know how effective it is!

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