April wrap up

Let’s take a few moments to remember some of the things that made April 2008 a great month at Unclutterer.com.

April’s most popular posts:

Additional highlights:

  • Unclutterer appears on page 20 of the 2008 Spring Issue of Woman’s Day Kitchens and Baths. In it, Erin dispenses advice on how to establish an effective laundry routine.
  • Getting to know you led the pack this month with more than 225 comments
  • A simple way to simplify email — From Stowe Boyd had more than 215 del-icio.us saves –- our monthly high
  • More than 940 people have joined our Unclutterer flickr group. There are 435 photos uploaded to the group, and we look forward to seeing your additions!

4 Comments for “April wrap up”

  1. posted by AV on

    I think that it’s very sweet of you to care about getting to know your readers, even a short and sweet nugget of information. Love your blog!

  2. posted by Tabatha on

    you know what, i just thought of a great idea you could post here. i have two newly single friends that go out to bars all the time and meet guys and exchange phone numbers then frequently forget their names or what they look like and i was just thinking it would be cool if they took the guys picture and then along with his name they programed the phone number in with the picture as well as into the phone that way they can’t forget the name and face and they can connect to the phone number too! simplified dating!

  3. posted by Erin Doland on

    @Tabatha — Actually, this coming Wednesday, Stowe Boyd joins us again with a guest post on a very similar subject! Stay tuned …

  4. posted by Sandy on

    @Tabatha – a friend of mine does exactly this on her iPhone — apparently it’s easy. Another takes a photo at all networking events and cards too, numbers the cards as she gets them, then downloads the photos and cards into her online organizer. Love it.

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