Amazon’s Kindle is in stock

We wrote about the Kindle when it was first released back in November of last year. Upon its release, Amazon underestimated the demand and a waiting list was awaiting customer orders. Amazon has since increased production and the Kindle is now available for immediate shipment.

From Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos:

Ever since we released our wireless reading device Kindle last November, we’ve been unable to keep it in stock, and we’ve had to work hard to increase manufacturing capacity. Today, we’re excited to announce that Kindle is in stock and ready for immediate shipment.

We’ve also been adding selection. Since launch, we’ve added 25,000 additional books, blogs, magazines, and newspapers that you can download wirelessly to your Kindle, bringing the total to more than 115,000.

Go forth and read all the e-books you would like without worrying about bookshelf space.

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  1. posted by Jarick on

    Seems really cool but I already have a laptop. Here’s hoping they can expand their digital books to the electronic domain as well.

  2. posted by Karrde on

    I want to care, but I can’t. I’m a tech guy, I’ve got tons of gadgets. But the fact is that over 50% of the last 12 books I bought are not available. Including NYT bestsellers. I’m not going to let a device dictate what I can an can’t read. And if I can’t go all the way with this I’m not going to front the $400 (50 books worth) for something that doesn’t fit the bill of sale.

  3. posted by Kyle on

    I received my Kindle on March 18 (after ordering on February 15), and I’ve been nothing but pleased with it since. I primarily use it to subscribe to and read the newspaper. It has cut down on the mountains of newspaper that piled up around my house (for which my wife is grateful). I’ve also used it to download public domain e-books (, purchase a couple of books from Amazon, and transfer personal documents (for free) for reading on the Kindle. It really does provide a good reading experience, although some of its experimental features (eg, web browser, music) leave a lot to be desired.

    Now, it’s a luxury good in the same vein as an iPod, an HD TV, or a larger computer monitor, so I wouldn’t recommend it to everyone – it is $400 after all. Nevertheless, it’s been great for me.

  4. posted by john chandler on

    Love, love, love, love, love my Kindle. I’m just sayin’.

    Now that they are available from Amazon, and so many were for sale on ebay, I’ve been watching ebay to see if the prices bottom out there so I can get one for my wife. So far, they haven’t, but here’s hoping…

  5. posted by Staid on

    It is my understanding the neither the Kindle, nor Sony’s ebook reader are capable of properly displaying .PDF files. Is this true?

    I haven’t bought an ereader for the same reason I haven’t bought an ipod. I’m not interested in gadgets that intentionally limit their capabilities with proprietary software. I have hundreds of ebooks in PDF form that I would love to be able to read on such a portable device. Fortunately there are non-proprietary competitors in the mp3 player market… not yet the case in the ebook reader market.

  6. posted by AppleCrate on

    I’ve combined several devices with my iPhone and I’m not willing to add more to my life. I have my laptop for serious reading. I’m pretty gadget happy, but this looks like a dead-end device down a short road to me.

    Interesting article about how the iPhone has changed people’s lives at Macword. The “A day in the life” section has me pegged:

  7. posted by Tina on

    $400????? When I can borrow a book from the library (NO clutter) or buy it used for under $5? That’s ridiculous!

  8. posted by Marc on

    The thing is, the Kindle isn’t going to replace books. It’s not like 30 years from now, you’ll go to the library and they’ll just have one shelf full of these gizmos available to checkout with whatever you want to read.

    So if that doesn’t happen, the Kindle doesn’t replace clutter – it is clutter.

  9. posted by Suzyn on

    I saw a Kindle for the first time this weekend, and I have to say I was impressed. In my fantasy life, where I travel around the world for years at a time, the idea of carrying a single gizmo with near endless reading material sounds pretty cool. And the fact that I can email my dad a draft of my manuscript and he can sit in a cafe and read it is also pretty awesome.
    Then again, I’ve yet to have the batteries run out on a paperback… 😉

  10. posted by jane fromer on

    Amazon ran out the Kindle? How many did they make to start off with? I highly doubt demand was that great, I live in a major metropolitan city and have YET to see one out in the wild. The whole letter from Jeff Bezos was a good marketing stunt. Although it just made him look more annoying.

  11. posted by zenza on

    All NYT bestsellers are now included – as are many many new books – I LOVE mine and it has replaced too mnay pounds of reading material generlly lugged around while traveling… and reading with the Kindle is nothing like trying to read a book on a computer screen – nothing! It’s like a real book except you have the option of increasing the print size – no need to take out those reading glasses ;)Price is reduced $50 in June btw, I don’t look for any more major prices reductions until 2.0 comes out. NOt for everyone – but if you’re a major bookhound it is well worth it.

  12. posted by zenza on

    oops! $40 reduction…

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