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  • Paper clutter begone, part 2
    Manuals and instruction booklets can be stored digitally to free up storage space and decrease clutter in your home.
  • There’s wealth in simplicity
    The advice in The 4-Hour Workweek jibes very well with our own philosophy here at Unclutterer: simplify to be happier, not to be a monk.

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  1. posted by brent on


    I have to say: I generally love Uncluttered, but these “year ago” posts always strike me as so much filler — clutter, if you will. You’ve got an archive I can visit if I’m curious about last year’s material. Am I alone on this?

    – Brent

  2. posted by Jarrod on

    I think that the “year ago” posts are for newer readers like myself. I do realize that I can access the info in the archives, but I don’t feel that the articles come across as fillers.

    However, I would like to see more great “new” ideas!!!

  3. posted by Erin Doland on

    @brent — Currently, more people are reading the articles linked in the A Year Ago posts than the number of people who read them the first time they ran. We’re talking thousands. So, as long as these numbers stay high, we’ll continue to run them.

    @Jarrod — You receive two “new” posts a day during the week, and one new post on Saturdays. We have a minimum of 11 new posts a week. This is the same amount of content we’ve been providing since May of last year. I’m responsible for six posts here and two more on RealSimple.com, Matt writes four, and Teri writes one.

  4. posted by HeatherCheryl on

    I cleared out my pantry at Christmas, donated all the unused cookie mixes, unopened cereals that I shouldn’t eat, and all sorts of canned and packaged goods that were calorie laden…not ok for me alone but ok for a family of children…I donated it all to a food bank.

  5. posted by HeatherCheryl on

    I love the “year ago” feature!

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