Workspace of the Week: Door desk office

This week’s Workspace of the Week is Matt.Kolt’s do-it-yourself door desk office:

The desk is made from a recycled door and sits on two sets of legs purchased from Ikea. A piece of Lexan (polycarbonate resin) sits on top of the door to create a smooth work surface. I also like how Matt has made use of this space, putting the desk immediately below a sky light. He’s attached a basket to act as a desk drawer to the underside of the door to add functionality. It’s a well designed, organized space. Very inspiring!

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11 Comments for “Workspace of the Week: Door desk office”

  1. posted by SuperChuck on

    I used a similar setup in college through my first apartment. To be just a little more efficient, I used a pair of 2-shelf bookshelves as legs.

  2. posted by PrairieGal on

    My family has done this for a long time. I think all our desk were once doors. IKEA also sells sets of table legs that can be screwed directly into the door. So easy! And you can cut down the door to any size you like.

  3. posted by SammyJ on

    I’ve used plenty a door for beer pong tables.

  4. posted by Lynoure Braakman on

    Nice to see a more ergonomical home office here. Adjustable table height and a good chair (Mirra, yey) go a long way.

  5. posted by Harris on

    To really be efficient….user two drawer filing cabinets under the door. Works great and stores lots of organized stuff!

  6. posted by Louisa on

    @Lynoure: What of this Mirra chair? Do tell.

  7. posted by Meghan on

    Yeah – my family always used a door and 2 filing cabinets, too! Now we have computers, and you can put all the cords through the doorknob hole!

  8. posted by Neil on

    @Louisa: The chair is a Herman Miller Mirra ( Their most famous for the Aeron, but the Mirra has all the Aeron know-how, along with some improvements like flexible back and simpler design. The Mirra’s also cheaper (and comes in some funky colours).

    I used an Aeron in my previous job, and after trying the Mirra, I’m fitting out my new company with them this month. A bit less clunky IMHO.

  9. posted by Mom on

    I would’ve known this set up anywhere – it looks just like you…”handsome” and so nicely organized…and your pet fish looks right at home! You rock! xoxo

  10. posted by Suzyn on

    I once had a desk under a skylight… loved it! Such wonderful light.

  11. posted by John on

    Door as a desk – classic. But why not go all the way and use the hole for the old door handle as a cord conduit and have them under the desk rather than on top?

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