Creative storage for kid’s clutter

Apartment Therapy’s ohdeedoh site recently held a contest in conjunction with Cookie Magazine where readers sent in pictures of their creative solutions for storing toys, clothing, and entryway items. It was called, Now You See, Now You Don’t! The contest finalists were recently announced, and their ideas were fantastic. I thought some of our readers would like to check out some of the great ideas that were showcased in this contest.

As a parent of a nearly two-year-old daughter, storage for toys is a constant struggle. It is always helpful to see what other people are doing to conquer the toy sprawl. I hope you enjoy these creative solutions for storage.

(Photo via ohdeedoh)

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  1. posted by Ann at One Bag Nation on

    I’m struggling with an explosion of stuffies, dolls and their clothes (they have more clothes than we do) and art supplies. I want to encourage my daughter’s (age 6)creativity, but what a mess! And everything is “special”; she routinely pulls things out of the trash and/or recycling! What’s a mother to do??

  2. posted by Eden on

    My kids are 2 & 4. I like baskets. Land of Nod has sturdy, colorful plastic baskets. You can put them on shelves, hang them from hooks or line them against the wall. You can see through them enough to know what’s in there but without visual clutter. I also like the canvas Rubbermaid boxes that come two in a pack. Ikea has a cute kid-friendly system with mix & match plastic bins (you get whatever combo you need).

    I have some photos of this stuff in use, one of which I just took:

    Only thing with the baskets is that the kids use them to carry toys all over the house 😉 But they’re lightweight and kids can get them out & find what they need easily.

  3. posted by Mary on

    Matt – your posts inspire! Pictures like that make me want to dejunk a room like NOW!!

    @Ann – Consider having her give you one or two old things for each new toy that is added. Our son-in-law consented to a larger purchase for our grandson after getting him to agree to purge his room (he had 15 stuffed Easter bunnies – that was just the rabbits!) It worked like a charm!

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