Unitasker Wednesday: The Squeasy Tea Bag Squeezer

Tea lovers, your prayers have been answered. You no longer have to burn your fingertips on scalding hot tea bags just to enjoy every last drop of tea. The Container Store has you covered with the Squeasy Tea Bag Squeezer. How else would one get the maximum tea out of a tea bag, with a spoon? Ha! That is so pedestrian. No self respecting tea drinker would be caught using a spoon to squeeze out his tea.

You’ll undoubtedly be the envy of all of your tea drinking friends with this ingenious invention. From the Container Store:

The tea lover on your holiday shopping list will adore this smart tea bag squeezer because it prevents you from burning your fingers on a hot tea bag. The stainless steel squeezer helps get every last drop from the tea bag. The set also includes a porcelain saucer to rest the squeezer and tea bag.

So, if you can’t think of anything to get someone, run — don’t walk — to the Container Store and be sure to grab these squeezers. Your tea drinking friends will thank you for saving their finger tips.

**Each week, the Unitasker Wednesday column humorously pokes fun at the unnecessary, single-use items that manage to find their way into our homes.

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  1. posted by Brian on

    I have heard (food channel) that you are not supposed to squeeze your tea bag if you brewed it properly.

  2. posted by bumble on

    Agreed Brian. Any self-respecting tea connoisseur would never squeeze a tea bag.

  3. posted by Nina Katarina on

    I’ve found that the last few drops out of the tea bag tend to be the most bitter (unless you’re talking herbal tea). So if you like bitter, you’d squeeze the bag. If you don’t, then don’t.

    I don’t know when caffeine emerges during the brewing stages, so possibly if you’re trying your best for that blast to wake up fast then you should squeeze the bags.

  4. posted by Erin Doland on

    @Nina — In college, I worked in an English tea room, and we were told that the majority of the caffeine was released within the first 30 seconds of steeping. So, if someone wants “decaf” tea from caffeinated leaves — pour water over the tea, wait 30 seconds, pour the water off, and then add more water.

    Who knows if this is true or not?? But, if it is, the squeezing wouldn’t be worthwhile …

  5. posted by Erin Doland on

    Oh, and Matt, this is hysterical.

  6. posted by Becky on

    I love that they included the word “queasy” in its name!

  7. posted by Katie on

    Stainless steel is a wonderful conductor of heat. So squeeze fast, or your teabag squeezer will burn you.

    Maybe they should invent something to help with that–the Easy Peasy Squeasy Tea Bag Squeezer Squeezer.

  8. posted by Josephine on

    I find it amusing that the Container Store offers this item. I’ve always assumed—silly me, never assume—that they were all about organization, ergo, decluttering! However, every time I walk into the Container Store, I get overwhelmed. They seem to sell containers for containers (eg. to hide your box of tissues) or containers to replace containers (eg. to store your cereal in a plastic container other than the cardboard box it came in). I prefer to declutter rather than to store clutter.

  9. posted by Josephine on

    @Katie – Hysterical! I love it!

  10. posted by verily on

    Gotta agree with the others… This is not only a unitasker, but a really bad idea for tea in general! Squeezing teabags releases tannic acid from the leaves into your tea. It makes the tea bitter and astringent. Ick.

    The Container Store overwhelms me too. Too many organizational items is just as bad as clutter IMO.

  11. posted by Anastasia on

    For that price? I’ll scald my skin squeezing it out by hand and spend the $6 on a sandwich.

  12. posted by Stephanie on

    Yeah, the first thing I thought of is how the last tea you get from the teabag is the most bitter. Granted I’m often lazy and oversteep my tea by just leaving the teabag in my tea the whole time and even (gasp) reuse the teabag for a weak, slightly bitter tea…I feel wasteful using the teabag only once! Maybe if i took the teabag out on time the first time, I could get a better “second cup”.

  13. posted by Erin Doland on

    @Stephanie — Most teas will steep to perfection in about three minutes. Some may take a bit more time based on their contents, but three is a good checking point. Your second brew won’t be as good … but probably better than what you’re getting now just leaving the bag in the pot.

    Who knew the English tea room job would turn out to be helpful some day?! πŸ™‚

  14. posted by Meg on

    Ah, the ultimate gift to give to a tea-drinker who will nod, thank you for your kind gift and then never ever use it! πŸ™‚ I’ve received tea paraphernalia from well meaning relatives before – like those itty bitty tea balls shaped like houses and animals – they just go to the back of the junk drawer ’til I do a clean out.

    Squeezing the bag just releases all the tannin and makes the tea bitter. Though, Tetley does sell a drawstring teabag that lets you squeeze out every last drop too – maybe that’s where the idea for the Squeezer came from!

  15. posted by crc on

    I have to disagree with all of you. I am all about organization, but I own a tea bag squeezer (a different one from the one pictured, much smaller and cheaper), and I use it pretty much every time I drink tea. There is a reason I do this that has nothing to do with the flavour of my tea. I put most of my tea bags in the compost; the rest of my tea bags I put in the rubbish, and squeezing them makes them more compact, thus my rubbish is smaller. I’m organizing my rubbish. Also, squeezing the tea bags has not affected the taste of my tea at all.

  16. posted by Neena on

    Unnecessary? Yes. But what a great conversation piece! Especially if you’re stuck at a stuffy tea where no one knows what to say anyway.

  17. posted by Megan on

    Someone gave me a cheapo plastic tea bag squeezer once.

    I admit I did used to use it back when I didn’t know what I was doing (/blush), but then I learned about what squeezing did, and I stopped. Don’t know if I really notice a difference, but why squeeze if you don’t have too?

    However, I continued to use it for a while as a drip catcher as I carried my tea bag over to the under-the-sink garbage can. Now we have a step-can, and no longer keep it under the sink, so the squeezer is no longer needed. I don’t even know where it is. I think I finally got rid of it when we moved.

  18. posted by Looby on

    Any self respecting tea drinker will be using a teapot (is that a unitasker? Not that I care- it’s essential in my house). And preferably loose leaf tea. Although sadly at work I use the tea bag in a cup method.
    And Meg- I feel your pain with the “tea-lovers” gifts that well-meaning people bring, in general, my theory is if someone truly loves something they will have the necessary paraphernalia.

  19. posted by CJ @ SaveChange on

    Oh my goodness! My fingers are broken… there are no spoons in sight… I can only drink really strong, shoddily brewed tea… WHAT TO DO!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah, I’ll use the tea bag squeezer. Duh.

    (end snark)

  20. posted by Kayla on

    How sad is it that I am slightly intrigued by this?

  21. posted by Anne on

    I sheepishly admit to have a very ugly harvest gold plastic tea bag squeezer! I got it in a bag of “stuff” for $1 at a thrift store. The bag with corn on the cob sticks and matching plastic corn plates. I love drinking tea, and never knew til right now it was taboo to sqeeze and never noticed a bitter change in taste.
    I also have to admit, I think about using that darn tea bag squeezer,each time I wrap the string around bag and spoon to squeeze out the “bitter” last drop from my earl gray bag! I will immediately throw this away….bad bad tea bag squeezer that I am…

    once again!!! I LIVE UNI TASKER wednesday!!!!

  22. posted by Raghu on

    I do the trick where you wrap the string around the bag in the spoon and squeeze it. That gets the last drops of tea for me.

    Does the link work properly for others? It generates an “Item not available” error code for me.

  23. posted by Amelia on

    Did anyone notice it is on sale? They have dropped the price from $12.99 to $6.49. Now I can buy two for the price of one – thanks unclutterer.com!

    πŸ™‚ just kidding

  24. posted by Tea Party Girl on

    The ultimate unclutterer is to get rid of teabags all together and store looseleaf tea in a pretty tea tin.

    For your readers who might be interested in the basic equipment for establishing a daily tea ritual, they can check out this article:


  25. posted by lionel on

    Squeezing teabags using something that looks like a coat hook? No thanks.

  26. posted by Emily at Tippyleaf on

    I agree with Tea Party Girl that teabags in general will only create more clutter… and tea from teabags is usually far inferior to loose leaf tea as well.

    For more information about the differences between the two, and for alternatives to commercial tea bags (if you must have the convenience), please read my article here:

  27. posted by Turkish Tea Drinker on

    Squeezing the tea bag is a pretty pointless (if not dumb) act.

    Remaining liquid in the bag will have a very bitter taste and the effect of squeezing will also push the inner dust into the glass.

  28. posted by ErinMac on

    I’m a tea drinker who squeezes — not because I want every last drop out of my tea bag, but because I hate it when my tea bag drips everywhere! I use a saucer, =but I don’t like my cup sitting in a puddle. So, I squeeze for neatness.

  29. posted by tay on

    So what if you like bitter tea?

  30. posted by Tea Party Girl on

    ErinMac, I’m sorry you’re having to brew tea in a cup! Is that in restaurants? Tsk, Tsk. They don’t know better (yet!). Yes, no one should have to deal with a drippy tea bag on a saucer.

  31. posted by Cranky Scotty on

    I recently stopped drinking Diet Coke…mostly.

    When it came to tea, I started drinking loose teas from a Gaiwan which elimiates the bag altogether.

    Consider it a shameless plug, but I’m glad I’m about 10 blocks from the Tao of Tea (http://www.taooftea.com/).

  32. posted by Minnie on

    I can picture an infomercial for this:
    “Ohhhh Noooo! You burned your hand on a teabag AGAIN!”
    (cut to lame woman squeezing teabag, dropping it on the floor, yelling out in pain, and shrugging her shoulders at the camera in obvious helplessness)…
    “Looks like a job for the Squeasy Tea Bag Squeezer!”
    (a man sees the poor woman, in a puddle on the floor, sobbing over her misery with a drippy teabag. He offers her the Squeazy, and she lights up with joy)
    “Never touch those messy teabags again, enjoy every last bitter drop!!!”
    (Giggles, sunshine, happy children, puppies, and a table full of bitter cups of tea…)

  33. posted by Laura on

    If you really want to get the last drop, why not just use a spoon, which you already have?

  34. posted by Minnie on

    LOL “How much would you pay for this luxury? $100? $50? NO! Call now, and get 7 of them for $9.99! If you’re one of the first 1 million callers; we’ll throw in a plastic ziplock bag to STORE your Squeasies; ABSOLUTELY FREE! But that’s not all! We’ll also throw in a thighmaster. If you’re not satisfied, send them back, but keep the thighmaster as your free gift for trying. OPERATORS are standing by!!!”

    I need less caffeine, btw…

  35. posted by Megan on

    Hahahahaha, Minnie! I can hear that guy’s voice right now. Thanks for the laugh, I was having a bad evening.

  36. posted by Minnie on

    You are welcome Megan…actually I quite amused myself too! Cheesy infomercials are good entertainment! πŸ™‚

  37. posted by Angela Esnouf on

    Thanks for another good laugh. Unitasker Wednesday is an institution.

  38. posted by Mardi in Oz on

    I hold the short side of the tea bag against the side of the mug on a slight angle and it drains all the drips out so that I don’t make a mess on the way to the compost bucket under the sink.

    Oh and I reuse the bags until no more colour comes out – three or four goes usually! I rarely notice much difference in taste. I must be a tea philistine LOL.

  39. posted by Vanessa on

    I had so much to say when I saw this item, but I see that everything going through my mind while my kettle was boiling my water had already been said by so many others. Very glad to read how many people know not to squeeze the teabag!

  40. posted by Amykate on

    I had a teabag squeezer years ago (from Lakeland again), but it was more like a short pair of tongs.

    Possible the most useful think I owned at uni! Fish Slice for turning things, tongs for things in pans, rescued toast from stuck toasters and perfect for flinging damp teabags are your housemates…

    But this one looks terrible! πŸ™‚

  41. posted by aisha on

    umm… I never thought I’d be one of the “but i use something like this all the time” group, but here we are.

    While I fully understand that many people would have absolutely no use for a teabag squeezer, the one in my household is used every single day… we like our tea as bitter as possible, and many many cups of tea bag tea are consumed every day. As the person who is serving most of those cups, I find the squeezer very helpful.

    That said, I think this is a pretty lousy version. Mine is a pair of tiny tongs with holes; not nearly as likely to burn your fingers.

    And I repeat: yes, it’s a unitasker, and most people would have absolutely no use for it.

    p.s. There is no one right way to make tea. In our home, there are several varieties of loose leaf tea, and teabags, and I could tell you at least three ways in which we make tea every single day. So do whatever floats your boat. And let other people do the same.

  42. posted by H... on

    i sometimes suck tea bags when it become tepid. @ silly me.

  43. posted by Karyn on

    Ha! I used to have one of those plastic Tupperware teabag squeezers. Useless, both for good-tasting tea and for keeping the teabag from making a drippy mess. Who knew someone would create an upscale version of the same?

    Drippy wet teabags can be deposited in those little clear plastic dessert cups they sell at Walgreen’s for 3 for a dollar, or something like that. Much neater than carrying a dripping teabag across the room to the garbage can! And it keeps your saucer clean, too, if you use a saucer. I prefer a big coffee mug for my tea–never did understand the point of dainty little teacups that hold barely three sips. But that’s my tea gluttony. Your mileage may vary.

  44. posted by ysabet on

    I have a flat-tongs-with-holes version, which gets a fair amount of use. I don’t squeeze the bags over the tea, but I do squeeze over the sink before carrying them to the bin. In our house, we drink many types of tea – but almost never with sugar or milk. Sure, I could use a teaspoon. Or I could use this doohickey, which was about 90c 10 years ago, and is never in use for something else (a serious problem with teaspoons). It curbs my teaspoon collection habit (something inherited from my parents; I swear they have 40 teaspoons!)

  45. posted by Father Joe on

    My daughter told me to go to this site re a tea bag squeezer! I am not sure why!

  46. posted by Bryan Colbourn on

    In re: the “tea bag squeezer”

    I had one (long since lost in a move). During my tour of duty in Vietnam I found it invaluable!!

    It was the best thing I found for removing leeches or squishing boogers for soup seasoning. Additionaly, it was a handy device to attach to your boots so you could remember your left foot from your right. In fact I had a company commander(second lieutenant), right out of Slippery Rock Teacher’s College, who had two. That way he wouldn’t forget either foot. Handy item, I think.

    For those who require this information my qualifications are as follow:

    U.S. Army, Vietnam, 1968-1969, underground balloon corps. (OK, I thought it would be a cushy assignment but you try to get one of those things inflated and fly 17 feet beneath the Earth!!!)

  47. posted by Matt on

    I love reading all the snobbery about “self-respecting” tea drinkers and the “right way” to make tea. In the UK, many (if not most) people make tea everyday with a tea bag, they make it strong, and they make it with a teaspoon, which is used to squeeze the bag and put in the bin (compost if possible), and stir in milk and perhaps sugar. That’s one way of doing it – there is no “right” way.

  48. posted by Nate on

    “U.S. Army, Vietnam, 1968-1969, underground balloon corps. (OK, I thought it would be a cushy assignment but you try to get one of those things inflated and fly 17 feet beneath the Earth!!!)”


  49. posted by Carol on

    I just finished reading a Kathy Reich’s book where she was in Israel and was told not to squeeze the bag or it would make it bitter. So this is how I found this site……by looking up squeezing tea bags! lol Some funny comments on here. Don’t think I would buy the thingymajig though!!

  50. posted by Anthony Barron on

    NEVER squeeze a tea bag – taste the bitter difference. It’s insanity.

  51. posted by JayDubya on

    I am addicted to Twining’s English Breakfast tea. When I use bags, I steep for 5 minutes exactly, lift the bag and let it drip 12 drips and dispose of it. I could never squeeze the bag!

    My wife says I’m as sick as Adrian Monk…

  52. posted by Sheldon Norbdye on

    When I began spending time in Canada in 2000, I started drinking tea. I have had just about any flavor you can name now. I do not consider myself a connoisseur, I just love certain kinds of tea. My wife bought me a squeezer some years back, I loved it, have used it every time since. It offends my sense of efficiency not to use it. That’s my opinion, and I’m sticking to it.

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