Brijit: An uncluttered way to get quality information

An Unclutterer reader recently directed me to a website called Brijit (pronounced bridge-it). After doing a Google search about the site, I decided the link wasn’t spam or anything dodgy, and clicked through on the link to learn more about it.

The site, at its core, is a news aggregator. But, unlike other news aggregators, it only focuses on long-form content in magazines and newspapers. The site provides a 100 word summary of the article and a link to the original source if you decide you want to read the full work.

You can access the content on the site, or subscribe to RSS feeds. I subscribed to the “Home” feed, and I have been very impressed by the quality of the articles and their frequency (one to three a day, which is a manageable number). In addition to subscribing to topic feeds, you also can subscribe to specific news sources.

I’ve been subscribing to Brijit for three weeks now, and I feel that it is a simple, uncluttered way to stay informed. It also keeps paper out of my house, which is another benefit. I’ve found it to be a valuable resource and wanted to share it with you.

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  1. posted by Abhijeet from Jeet Blog on

    I just checked Brijit and the quality of the articles are top class. I have been experimenting with some news aggregators for a while now and will add this to that experiment. Thanks

  2. posted by Anne on

    I am so new to this…but have signed up for a few topics I am interested in. sound interesting, well interesting enough for me to sign up. lol, I am very uhm…unliterate to some computer lingo…but this seemed to be a way to educate without cost or clutter, and that is always a good thing.

  3. posted by Tracy on

    THANK YOU for this recommendation! I had never heard of this before Unclutterer pointed it out. This is fantastic on so many levels. Kudos, Brijit!

  4. posted by Chris on

    This is great I have an rss feed that is enormous. I chose the email route because I have a blackberry. This is great because it unclutters my rss feed. I only wish there was a push rss reader for my blackberry now. One complaint they are not very mobile minded with the CSS menus. Unclutter should do something about online clutter with pass word consolidation, rss consolidation. As for email consolidation nothing beats a blackberry because it will fetch my yahoo and hotmail and nothing reads those without advanced scripting. Just some thoughts great post by the way.

  5. posted by Ann at One Bag Nation on

    I’ve been worrying that as I clear my life of physical clutter, I’m accumulating digital clutter in its place. Perhaps Brijit can help get some of that under control.

  6. posted by JeremyB on

    Thanks for the kind words, everyone. We’re proud to be of value to unclutterer, its readers, and the tens of thousands of others discovering Brijit each month. If you like what we’re doing, please don’t hesitate to spread the word.

    We’re a scrappy little startup, and we could use all the help we can get! Add us to your blogroll. Register and grab a Brijit widget from your profile; it’s a terrific way to share the best of what you’re reading, listening to, and watching in the world of quality content. Thanks in advance.

    And Chris — your comments dovetail with our plans for Brijit going forward. We hope to have the site optimized for mobile later this year.


    Jeremy Brosowsky
    founder & CEO, Brijit

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