That wire mess can win you a prize

The contest is called “What’s Under your Desk” and that mess under your desk can qualify you to win a dinner with Peter Brady, er, I mean, Christopher Knight.

The contest is sponsored by Green Plug.

Green Plug’s mission is to sign up electronics manufacturers to use its chip that would go into power supplies. With the chip, consumers would be able to plug any device into a hub to power multiple devices. Software, which the company intends to make available for free, will be able to read exactly how much power a device needs.

Here at Unclutterer, we have made it our mission to rid your workspace or entertainment center of that wire monster that may be lurking under your desk. The wire monster is incredibly pesky and hard to control, but with some tips and the right plan of attack the wire monster can be conquered.

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  1. posted by Michael on

    I question their motives here. The exclusive supplier of power to all things electronic? Hmmm…no thanks.

    Also, how “green” can they be when the prize for second place of their sweepstakes is a $500 gift card to Walmart (one of the worst environmental records and general scummy company).

  2. posted by lana on

    I have to agree, Michael.

    And Peter Brady/Christopher Knight’s married anyway, isn’t he? How much of a fun date can he be? 😉

  3. posted by Bobik on

    What is needed here is a set of standards (e.g. voltages, current ratings).

    I am tired of buying/having a charger for each device, would be far better to have one charger that would be able to charge all devices I have (even if one or two at a time).

    There must be “Bill of Lights” and should solve not only the annoyance of having many chargers, but also having annoying LEDs that are too bright in the night. sdsd

  4. posted by Bobik on

    While someone may question the motives of the initiative, I think that this is a good start. Devices should communicate their power requirements and the charger can charge those that need to be charged.

  5. posted by Shannon on

    I didn’t really understand what exactly this device does or how it will cut down on cable clutter. Can one of you techies explain it to me? Is it one charger where you can only plug in one device at a time? Sorry, I didn’t get it, and the website was totally unhelpful.

  6. posted by Bobik on

    The primary purpose is to cut on charger clutter. One charger to charge them all, one at a time (for now).

    But I am pretty sure that this is a start, and a charging station that can charge multiple devices with different power requirements at once will be their next step, if not already.

  7. posted by Bobik on

    Quote from the site:

    Green Plug is the developer of GreentalkTM – a secure, digital protocol for realtime collaboration between devices that need power and their power sources. The first Green PlugTM implementation is a highly efficient power adapter hub that is able to simultaneously power multiple devices, each with its own energy demand. Green PlugTM technology maximizes resources, minimizes solid waste from obsolete chargers, and eliminates wasted energy. When devices collaborate with power supplies, an unprecedented amount of monitoring, control and optimization becomes possible.

  8. posted by James on

    How about iGo? [] That has reduced the number of chargers I need at work, home, and in my car. Now if only each portable electronic device came with an iGo tip instead of yet another charger, we’d really reduce our waste 🙂

  9. posted by Lucas on

    I like Chargepod much better than Igo, not as bulky, and it can do 6 devices at once.

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