Workspace of the Week: Closet office

This week’s Workspace of the Week is Mlle_Bleue’s closet office:

The aesthetics of this office aren’t what interest me, but rather where it is. As best I can tell, the whole office is actually in a closet or a tiny nook. Pretty cool, right?! The shallow shelf on the left wall increases the functionality of the space, frees up room on the desk, and keeps notes at eye level. Another nice attribute of the closet office is that when it’s time to stop working, you just close the door. I also like the idea of setting up an office like this temporarily in the closet of a baby’s room so that a new parent could work close by while baby is sleeping. Thank you, Mlle_Bleue for the photo submission.

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  1. posted by Shay on

    The only thing I’d be worried about in a “nook” office with a closing door would be the electronics overheating. But you could certainly get around that with a louvered door or a curtain instead.

  2. posted by lee on

    This is extremely depressing…

  3. posted by Dee on

    As someone who had the great idea of setting up a closet office in my baby’s nursery for the very reason stated above – heed my warning – DON’T DO IT! Unless you can guarantee that you get one of those baby’s that sleeps like a well baby then its next to impossible to work while a child is sleeping without distrubing them. Worse yet – all of my stuff was in my daughters room when I needed it and I was constantly sneaking in there or waiting until she woke to get things I needed. Baby’s sleep an average of 16 hours in the beginning so keep that in mind.

  4. posted by Erin Doland on

    @Dee — In my mind I was thinking more like a satellite office in the baby’s room, not the primary office. I agree with what you said about it being a bad idea for a primary office!

  5. posted by Jack Brewster on

    Rather than set up an office in the baby’s room, just get a monitor. Cheap and easy, and you’ll use it a lot longer than you’d use the satellite office.

  6. posted by ADM on

    I wish I had the closet space to even consider this!

  7. posted by T in CA on

    Loving the side shelf with the planners propped up. That could so easily be worked into many setups. And I can’t get enough of magnatized wall storage (pencil cups on right side). I wish stores would come out with more of that.

  8. posted by Arvin Bautista on

    We had a large storage closet in my old apartment once and I considered this, until I noticed how oppressively reverberant it was inside that closet, even with the door open. I felt like I was getting my ears boxed whenever I made a squeak.

  9. posted by molly on

    I am with T; love the shelf with the planners propped up! It is like a calendar that can go with you. Wonderful idea.

  10. posted by Joanna on

    I see some pros and cons.
    It is a very nice office space. It is easy to keep it tidy . Moreover, after finishing any work, you can just close the door and forget about that. On the other hand, it is very dark space and as lee mentioned extremely depressing…

  11. posted by Kayla on

    I must say that it is pretty creative…

  12. posted by Ann at One Bag Nation on

    I’m totally inspired by the narrow shelf for planners and the magnetic storage strip; less so by the closet idea.

    I would probably need one of those lamps used to treat SAD; I think I need one of those anyway.

    It does give you hope that a very small space can work.

    As for the baby room office: my daughter usually insisted I not only hold her, but move around! At the time I didn’t have a laptop; I would have built some kind of podium-type thing so I could rock her in the baby sling and work at the same time.

  13. posted by DJ on

    I am in the process of trying to set up a studio space in my home. One of the options is a large walk-in closet in our basement. It has an existing shelf system, which would be super for storing all my materials. It has plenty of space for a desk to work at… but on the other hand, it is very depressing in there.

    At the very least, it would need painting and the fluorescent light fixture would need to be swapped out for something more congenial.

    On the plus side, there is an operable window, for ventilation, but it doesn’t let in any light, because there is a shed parked in front of it outside.

    If it had natural light, it would be a fairly perfect spot, but I’m hesitating, because I’m not a mole person. I like sunshine.

  14. posted by DJ on

    I just remembered… this was years ago, but I once turned a closet into a sleeping nook by taking out the closet rod and shelf, giving it a good cleaning, hanging a tapestry on the back wall for a ‘view’, fixing the light so it didn’t operate off a hanging cord anymore, and putting a low bookshelf in the closet at the foot of the bed.

    Small? Yes, indeed. But also private, cozy, snug, and cheerful. With the door left open a bit at night, it was just fine.

    An office space is more challenging because one is, hopefully, awake in the office, and more aware of the environment.

  15. posted by Mlle_Bleue on

    Thanks for choosing me!

    The story behind this office is this: This is the third, small bedroom in my two story house. I needed a space for both my painting studio and my writing desk, so I placed my painting table in the middle of the room, because I need more room for that, and I placed my writing desk in the nook left by my taking out the closet doors. But you can see that the nook is quite small. My father-in-law’s desk fits right in, but there is not much room for anything else. So I put up a magnetic strip and a “picture rail” from Ikea, which you can see, and two glass shelves left over from my old appartment. I have since replaced those with stronger shelves, also from Ikea. I have also since replaced the paper sorter on the desk with a wall mounted paper sorter to my right. This is great! What needs to be I eye level is, and I can type or write away at my leisure. Since I have a big office at the university, I keep all my teaching books there and my research books are on shelves behind me.

    The only thing that is missing in my office/studio is a comfy chair. There is simply no room for that and that’s sad. I have to go down a flight of stairs to rest and that bearks the concentration.

  16. posted by Shalin on

    very clever. For me…it’d be “just right” if there was a window, though…

  17. posted by Mlle_Bleue on

    I have put an updated pic of my office in the Unclutterer Flickr pool.

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