Unclutterer in the news

Last week was a great press week for Unclutterer. If you missed these articles when they first appeared, feel welcome to check them out now:

A big welcome to anyone who may have found our website through any of these articles!


I also want to mention that over on Real Simple last week, I produced an intensive, two-part, spring cleaning series. If the warmer weather is motivating you to get active in your home, then these articles are for you.

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  1. posted by Stephanie on

    I found your website through the slate.com article and absolutely love it! I’ve spent much too much time over the last few days perusing all of the past articles:) Thanks for all of the good info – I’ve already passed your site along to several of my friends!

  2. posted by Kateist on

    All this self-referential ‘look at the press we were in’ ‘look who mentioned us’ ‘look at who we’ve hooked up with’ etc is CLUTTER. Can you go back to simply giving us articles please?

  3. posted by Erin Doland on

    @Kateist — Unclutterer has never been in the NYTimes or on Slate or the Washington Post before now — let alone all in the same week. This is actually a HUGE deal for us. Imagine that you showed up to work one day, and the NYTimes ran an article about how cool it is that you do your job. You specifically. That would rock, wouldn’t it?! Yes it would. You would probably call your friends and tell them to look on page 5 and see your name in print. Well, this is what we’re doing with this post. We’re saying to all of our friends, “This is so cool! We can’t believe it!” Maybe this sort of thing happens all the time for you, but it doesn’t for us. So, if you don’t want to be happy for us, then that’s totally fine. We’re going to be happy for us, though. Life is too short not to celebrate something joyful. Also, if you let us know about something cool in your life, we’ll eagerly give you a virtual high five!

    P.S. I will make a promise to you that we at Unclutterer will never talk about who we’ve hooked up with. Seriously. We’re all married. It would just be extremely awkward. Totally creepy.

  4. posted by Dee on

    Erin – LOL – I personally wouldn’t mind a little “dish” here and there – lol! Congrats on the recognition. . .a great blog deserving of some great coverage!

  5. posted by Sentient Meat on

    Kateist: serenity now

    As someone who ran a much visited “blog” back in the time before blogs, I always appreciated when the press gave me props. Let Erin toot her horn.

  6. posted by Cole on

    Yes, rather smacks of “Silence! Continue producing free content I do nothing to contribute to, but enjoy daily!” that is the battle hymn of the Internet.

    Relax. Serenity now indeed!

  7. posted by Morgaine on

    I think I found your site through the Washington Post re-print. I need inspiration to help me manage my mess. Thanks, and congratulations!

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