Workspace of the Week: Briefcase office

This week’s Workspace of the Week is Chuck_Notorious’ Gig Bag:

I’m not convinced that a soft-sided briefcase is the best solution for electrical equipment, but I really like the inspiration behind Chuck_Notorious’ design. In one bag, Chuck has assembled everything needed for his job, and the bag is where the equipment permanently lives. He’s not pulling things out of the bag, he’s using the bag as is. Genius! If you have a job where travel is an integral aspect of what you do, consider building yourself a gig bag or briefcase office. Make it so you don’t have to pack and unpack everywhere you go. This is efficient and well organized. Great job, Chuck!

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8 Comments for “Workspace of the Week: Briefcase office”

  1. posted by bine on

    the idea is great, especially the not having to unpack the stuff for work. but the soft briefcase is definitely not a good idea, me and my partner work as veejays and we have recently lost an expensive video mixer due to this means of transport – it’s just not shock-proof enough. since then we have acquired a hard case with pick’n’pluck foam cushioning and that works much safer.

  2. posted by Kristin on

    Great idea.

  3. posted by Garrett on

    Great idea, but you’re going to get a ton of interference on that sound board from the surge protector.

  4. posted by comboman on

    Most electronic equipment has air vents on the bottom that could be blocked when used inside a soft bag like this. Be careful.

  5. posted by Michele on

    I use this idea a lot – I have bags for various purposes that stay packed. When I need a bag, I just grab it and go. Some of my bags include: swimming (bathing suit, towel, goggles, swim cap, toiletries, etc), dog travel (treats, water, portable bowl, pick up bags, toys, etc), and roller blade (blades, pads).

  6. posted by Chris on

    This same idea works well for my fiance, a makeup artist, who keeps several bags like this packed at all times for shoots, some of which get booked with only enough notice to grab a bag and head out the door.

    The challenge is finding the right size bag, not too large, not too small, and most importantly not too heavy (we’re New Yorkers without a car), that’s able to hold all the supplies she needs as well as keep them organized.

  7. posted by ChrisB on

    I read that as “Chuck Norris’ Gig Bag.”

  8. posted by Empress Juju on

    Thank you for sharing this one… I take a lot of road trips, and am envisioning something similar (but smaller!) for all the electronic chargers: include a power strip, and then I could just open my little bag & charge all my gizmos without scattering them all over the room and running the risk of forgetting one!

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