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iSoniCastProducts that are wireless immediately gain my attention. Monster’s new iSoniCast is now shipping and it allows you to stream your iPod wirelessly to your home stereo. It also makes your iPod into a remote control so you can select what you are listening to on your stereo. From Monster:

The Monster® iSoniCast™ turns your iPod into a wireless jukebox, so you can easily enjoy all your iPod music on your home stereo system. With the iSoniCast, you use the iPod itself to control playback with full access to all the familiar iPod controls! You don’t need to turn on your TV to view menus or use a clunky separate remote to control your iPod. Even better, the iSoniCast is also incredibly easy to hook up and no batteries are needed: the smart low-power consumption lets you listen for extended periods.

I currently use a Y-Cable for my iPod listening needs. It adds a wire to the mess that lurks behind my receiver and it doesn’t allow me to change tracks remotely. This wireless gem will set you back $100, which isn’t bad for a brand new iPod accessory. Additionally, if it gets rid of another cord, I’m interested.

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  1. posted by Mark on

    This device, while cool, does not do anything to help with cable clutter. Instead of getting rid of that cable you presently plug in to your ipod, you’re just swapping it out for another cable with a bigger thing on the end of it. And the base-station/receiving unit probably has its own power brick that goes with it. So now you’ve got one extra cable and a power brick. Then there’s the transmitter piece that clips on to the bottom of the ipod. That’s another piece of kit to keep track of and lose or misplace…and you have to remember to take it off your ipod and put it back with the base unit when you leave the house with your player.

    Sure, it’s a cool thing with some interesting functionality, but for $100 you’re increasing clutter and complexity more than you’re decreasing it.


  2. posted by Barry on

    I would have to agree, this is more clutter not less. A y cable works better, preserving the what little sound quality your ipod has. The wireless device is just another plug to worry about.

    Streaming from you computer would be better.

  3. posted by perry on

    how about streaming from your computer, AND using your WiFi-enabled iPod as a remote!

    of, course, someone would need to build the widget….

  4. posted by Chris Owens on

    If you have a iPhone or iPod Touch, and a computer is close to your stereo, Remote Buddy (http://www.iospirit.com/) is an amazingly slick solution. (Not paid, just impressed by their product)

    I agree that this wireless transmitter is a step in the wrong direction. I’m also amused by the marketing slant, that you get to use familiar iPod controls to control your stereo, when actually you’re just controlling the iPod as usual. Not to be discouraging though, it looks like a decent product and I’m sure that there are plenty of people that could solve some problems with it. It should really be about $30 (at the most) instead of $100 though.

  5. posted by D Addison on

    This is oooll for the price but I currently running my iPod through a sound system using a standard audio cable connected to a “direct box” on stage. It works but very limited for me to DJ through my Ipod however I trip over the cable while moving around the stage. Any thoughts on making an iPod connection truely wireless?

  6. posted by Tom on

    I just bought it so I could change the music on ipod while laying by the pool. The range is not great. If you move it you get a lot of static. If you pick it up to change the music you get static. The product needs work.

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