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I left my 20s years ago, but that doesn’t mean I turned my back on those currently laying claim to that generation. There are many talented, up and coming writers who are producing quality content, and many of them call the internet home. One of these gifted writers is Elysa at GenPink. As part of our March month of sharing, I have asked her to be a guest columnist today. Please give her a warm welcome and check out her wonderful website afterward.

As a twentysomething, I am quite connected to the technology world. I have an iPhone, an iPod and two computers. Consequently, I keep most of my life organized with one or more of these devices.

Recently, my former college roommates and I were trying to set a date for our next gathering. We sent numerous e-mails back and forth debating on a date that would work for the five of us to get together. I never knew how complicated it would be to coordinate five people’s schedules. As soon as we’d find one date that worked for four of us, the fifth one would write back and say “Oh, yeah, my husband has such and such.”

One night while talking to one of my former roommates, the solution came to me. We should resort to one of my favorite resources in the world – Google. I am convinced that the internet (more specifically, Google) can solve all the world’s problems.

How can Google help five very busy girls make time for each other? The answer is quite simple — Google Calendar.

We each set up a Google calendar and shared it with each other. In a moment, I can now look and see what date is free for all of us. I also now know when my teacher friends have spring break, and I have no excuse to forget my friend’s husband’s birthday.

I also think this is a great solution for extended families to keep birthday’s organized and to schedule family reunions. The best part is I can set my calendar to send me text messages or e-mail me reminders for events.

After we set a date, our goal was to find a place that would work for all of us. Fortunately, I already knew how the internet could solve this dilemma for us. Give Google Calendar a try and see if it can help unclutter your calendar and social life.

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  1. posted by William Mize on

    Google Calendar is pretty amazing; I use it on a daily basis to juggle 4 calendars (Personal, Work, Fitness, Writing). Jott allows me to use my cellphone to schedule things on the fly when I’m separated from it.
    The only thing that would make Google Calendar an even BETTER app would be integrated To Do Lists.

    Mmmm. To Do Lists.

  2. posted by Neil Cocker on

    Google Calendar’s been a godsend for me too. The free texts an hour before have saved me from missing a couple of meetings, and being able to access my girlfriend’s calendar is fantastic, as is being able to add public calendars so I can keep track of sports events, networking events etc etc. And a simplified version I can access from my phone makes life easy when I’m away from my laptop. I’m totally converted to it!

    In fact, I recently blogged about how totally (and scarily) dependant I had become on Google as a whole….



  3. posted by Parth on

    How do I go about setting up an account? When I log in, it says I already have a google calendar account for that particular email, but I can’t access the calendar.

  4. posted by Erin Doland on

    @Parth — Log into your gmail account and then click “Calendar” in the upper left hand corner of the page. You’ll be able to set up your calendar from there. The reason the link isn’t working for you is because you already have a gmail account and access to the calendar through it.

  5. posted by tay on

    love this concept.
    Any suggestions for the person who loves paper scheduling but has a palm and feels obligated to put it to use? By the way my palm is not a part of my phone…I’m one of those weirdos with tech clutter. I have a phone, a palm, a gps, a zune…I pratically refuse to purchase a treo. I am phobic about always caring around my personal and work schedule; which is what I would be doing with a treo. Any suggestions???

  6. posted by [email protected] on

    My husband and I recently started using Google Calendar to keep our schedules straight. This way, he doesn’t have to call or email me and say, “Are we free to have dinner with So and So on Friday?” He can just look at the calendar 🙂

  7. posted by Larissa on

    Yes! Google solves ALL of my life’s dilemmas.

    Like other commenters, I have found the multiple & shared calendars to be useful with work, family life, and personal organization.

    Now if Google could just find a way to do my weekly load of laundry, I’d be set for life.

  8. posted by Edward on

    My girlfriend and I use Google Calendar for our social events. As long as its in the calendar we don’t miss a beat . Saying yes to an event invite is much easier when you don’t have to worry about scheduling over things because you can quickly see what’s coming up, it also makes for a very busy social life.

  9. posted by Marin on

    Google is amazing! There is also a feature called Google Reader (you can access it the same you access the calendar in the “more” drop down). It keeps track of your blog subscriptions and keeps things centralized and tidy!!

  10. posted by Joel Sanda on

    How about uncluttering by getting rid of stuff so complicated you need a website to keep it straight?

  11. posted by Filio on

    Try this:
    it’s also quite helpful!

  12. posted by Melissa on

    After many frustrating conversations with my husband involving schedules, meetings, missed appointments and double-booking we finally got the bright idea to use google calendar for the two of us. now it’s clear who needs to be where when and he can sync it with his outlook and his blackberry. Amazing.

  13. posted by wd on

    @Willie Mize. Remember The Milk is a free Web-based ToDo list that integrates with Google Calendar and Gmail (the latter via a Firefox extension). Is also integrates with Jott for on-the-go ToDos.

  14. posted by SaveChange on

    I am thinking of taking it one step further and utilizing the Google suite for my business when I get it closer to launch time. Everything is integrated. I currently use five different calendars (personal, school, church group commitments, student massage appointments, thereby allowing friends to pick their own massage time slots based around my work and school schedule). I would use it for work, but they force Outlook on us for that, though there IS new Outlook integration, new in the last couple of weeks. The only thing… I still need to tear myself away from my Franklin Covey. I still have a feisty paper addiction as well, but am happy to report that I’ve successfully pared it down by half thus far!

  15. posted by organizedwannabe on

    It’s also nice that when a proposed “date” pops up in your gmail,it’s only a click away to add to your Gcalendar.

    Before there was Gcalendar http://www.airset.com was really great but the omnipresence of Google beats it. It has lists though =) (and blogs, and wiki, and playlists…)

    For paper addicts I recommend Getting Things Done by David Allen. 43Folders is the website to see.


  16. posted by Kim on

    Meeting Wizard!!!!

    Try it, it’s free:


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