Month of Sharing: Unclutterer all over the internet!

We hope that you enjoyed Elysa from GenPink’s earlier guest post on our site. Now, head on over to GenPink to read our guest post! Elysa is doing an amazing ABCs project (we’re “O” for “Organizing”) with 26 guest writers, and it has been great fun watching each letter unfold. So stop making excuses and get on over there! Go on, go!

Don’t let your web surfing stop there, however. Unclutterer also appears today on Planet Green’s website discussing environmentally friendly alternatives to sticky notes. Planet Green will have a guest post on our site on Wednesday, so be sure to stay tuned for it.

And, while I still have your attention, here are a few more random items:

  1. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
  2. Check out this article from the Wall Street Journal on why the size of your computer monitor affects your productivity.
  3. Read about the Ultimate Unclutterer here. He’s selling everything in his life — house, job, belongings, friendships — on ebay after a bad divorce. He wants to start over with no ties to his past.
  4. Happy birthday to my sister-in-law referenced in the GenPink article!

2 Comments for “Month of Sharing: Unclutterer all over the internet!”

  1. posted by K.H. on

    I think this is entirely dependent on what business you are in. I am an easily distractible writer and since I reduced my monitor size it has forced me to ONLY do one thing at a time. Plus, I use a laptop and I’m a small woman … having a smaller, much more portable machine has done wonders for my mobility. I can get stuff done anywhere now. It used to be too cumbersome. I love my small laptop!

    I’m also about to get a Nokia N800 for web surfing and e-mail, enabling me to unclutter the laptop of my eight zillion bookmarks and favorites and feeds and whatnot. The more I can look at the laptop as a work tool and not a source of entertainment and community, the better for my productivity.

  2. posted by amy on

    The more you guest and have guest posts the more I’m finding to read… you’re cluttering up my blogs-to-read-list!!!!

    😀 Loving this month of discovery,

    Amy – now inspired to created her own blog and clutter up the blogspear even more.

    p.s. Can I put a link to this really wonderful site on mine? Thanks

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