‘Tips to maintain focus while you organize’ over on Real Simple

We are still working out the kinks with the permanent Real Simple badge in the middle column of our site. The amazing Unclutterer programmers keep saying things like “not enough data in the RSS feed to do what you want” and “can’t sparse by author name” and “Erin, your idea is crazy” and a number of other phrases I have chosen not to comprehend. So, until we get everything ironed out, I present to you a good ol’ fashion post.

If you haven’t checked them out this week, please head over to RealSimple.com for the following articles:

You also can subscribe to the RSS feed here.

2 Comments for “‘Tips to maintain focus while you organize’ over on Real Simple”

  1. posted by tobto on

    nice blog! nice reading! unclutterered!!

  2. posted by Michele on

    This is a great post with simple, concrete tips on what is a real difficulty for some people. If uncluttering and organizing was easy, there wouldn’t be an entire industry built around it.

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