Unitasker Wednesday: Cat wigs

Cat WigI should be able to post a photo of a cat in a wig and nothing else … but it’s too much fun not to elaborate on this ridiculous product for a bit.

Cats and dogs aren’t people. They are domesticated animals, and I’m fairly certain they couldn’t care less about how they look. The purchase of a wig for an animal has little to do with the cat and everything to do with the owner. The wig is obviously entertainment for the owner and the poor cat has to put up with wearing a wig until the perfect picture is snapped. After that picture is snapped, the wig instantly becomes clutter. I have cats, and I cannot imagine them putting up with this nonsense for more than a few minutes. My suggested alternative: Skip the whole process and just learn how to photoshop your favorite celebrities’ hairdo onto your feline friend.

The one pictured on the right would have to be Cher, right? Check out more cat wigs at Kitty Wigs.

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  1. posted by Anne on

    wow! unbelievable…I just shake my head in wonder

  2. posted by Springpeeper on

    $50 each?! Whoever buys these has more money than brains!

    Poor cats.

    And, frankly, those photos are creepy…

  3. posted by Vanessa on

    What weird owners. ..I agree, wigs just add more clutter.

  4. posted by Dave Bullock on

    As a cat owner who has actually considered buying a cat wig (yeah I know, crazy) I agree that the price is insane and that it would become clutter after the photo shoot. Here are my ideas:

    1) Buy a doll wig instead, they should be roughly the same size and probably much cheaper.

    2) Create a wig swap program, where interested cat owners can trade their wigs to other cat owners and eventually just give them away once the photos have been taken.

    3) Call the SPCA on myself.


  5. posted by Jaime on

    More cat wig goodness:

  6. posted by amy on

    Want to be totally creeped out whilst we’re on the topic of wigs?…. Baby Wigs…


    We don’t need to preach though, the whithering looks the cats give their owners is enough to burn a hole in their souls without us wading in too 🙂

  7. posted by Sheryl on

    Um… *blink blink*

  8. posted by LaToya on

    This would drive my cat nuts! I can’t imagine any animal wearing this thing for long.

  9. posted by Lori on

    Now *that* is a unitasker!

  10. posted by Jarick on

    My dog has two items of clothing:

    1. Collar, useful because it carries name, address, phone number, and rabies information

    2. Backpack, rarely used, but it was helpful when she was a puppy. Fill the sides with water, wears her out a lot faster than walking alone. See Cesar Millan. Now that I think about it, I could probably sell the backpack…

  11. posted by Bethany on

    This is a great unitasker! I’m glad to see it’s not a kitchen item this week.

  12. posted by tazistanjen on

    Dave Bullock, my daughter has a build-a-bear from a birthday party she attended, and this bear happens to be about the same size as our dog. So now we have a picture of the dog in a Rockies cap and sunglasses.

  13. posted by Kimberly on

    These cat wigs are awesomely awful, but baby wigs are beyond disturbing.

  14. posted by Michael on

    Normally I completely agree with unitasker wednesday, however you’ve got this one all wrong!

    I have 47 cats and I gave each one of them one of these wigs. They absolutely love them and are adorable! Every one likes them so much I can’t believe you would put them here on unitasker wednesday! [pout]

    …Aha ha ha ha! Someone had to do it. There’s at least one of these every wednesday anyways.

    Maybe if your cat had kemo therapy done this would have some use?

  15. posted by PlantingOaks on

    I know this is late, but I can’t resist (nor believe nobody else jumped on it)
    If you don’t want to clutter your house with a cat wig, you could always just use a lime

  16. posted by Mathieu Tozer on

    WHERE CAN I GET ONE OF THESE!?!?! Lol My sister would love it.

  17. posted by Brandy on

    ohhh i know this is a crazy purchase but I really want one. my cat Rocky would loooove this. i dont spend alot on junk but i do want to have some fun and want a couple of frivolous things for fun. i would put it on her and take her picture.

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