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Programmers are working diligently to put a permanent link in the middle column of our site linking to our new, twice-weekly column on In the meantime, let me drop a gentle reminder that you can get even more organization tips and tools from Unclutterer every Tuesday and Thursday through the Simply Stated community.

Check out today’s “Five quick desk organization projects” column for a handful of activities you can do right now to make your office less cluttered. You also can subscribe to the Home and Organizing RSS feed here.

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  1. posted by Marge on

    And for those of you who just can’t seem to keep the paper off your desk or floor for that matter there may actually be a good use for all that ‘paper’ clutter after all. NOt sure if you have seen the .wmv file going around (I’m sure it can be seen on You Tube and the likes) entitled ‘Why buy expensive toys’. It will keep you laughing for hours or at least a brief moment (depending on how easy to please you are). If you can’t find the video let me know and I’ll shoot it over.

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