Unclutterer on Decor8

Not only is Decor8 on Unclutterer today, but we’re on Decor8.

If you’ve ever wondered what an Unclutterer’s home looks like on its interior, now is your chance to take a peek. I opened my home to Decor8 and shared a few tips from its style and design. Go on, follow the link, and enjoy!

4 Comments for “Unclutterer on Decor8”

  1. posted by Steph on

    Is that a breadmaker?

  2. posted by Erin Doland on

    @Steph — Yep. I make all of our bread, so it gets used two to three times a week. I also use the Kitchen Aid on almost a daily basis. You can see my collection of flours in the cabinet above the stove.

  3. posted by supersocco on

    Your place looks great! Have you ever thought about color-coding your books? I recently did gradients of color and I love the results. example- http://static.flickr.com/115/2.....787c8c.jpg

  4. posted by greer on

    your house is beautiful! i have the same olivetti typewriter.

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