Unclutterer now appearing twice weekly on RealSimple.com

Starting this week, Unclutterer will blog every Tuesday and Thursday on Real Simple magazine’s website. We’re the “organizing” voice in the home and organizing section of their new Simply Stated community!

Blogging will continue as normal here at Unclutterer — you’ll just be able to go and get even more organization information from us over on Real Simple’s site. It isn’t often that amazing collaboration opportunities like this arise, and we are excited to have such a similar-minded print publication as a new partner. And, the fact that its beginning falls right in line with our month of sharing is terrific, too!

You can check out our introductory post on Real Simple’s site here and subscribe to future posts through the RSS feed here.

6 Comments for “Unclutterer now appearing twice weekly on RealSimple.com”

  1. posted by Erin Doland on

    P.S. A lot of you have e-mailed in the past asking for us to post pictures of ourselves. Well, gulp, if you follow the link to the Real Simple site, you can finally see what I look like with my short hair!

  2. posted by gigglechick on

    congrats on the realsimple.com gig…

    and i dig the hair (i, too, decluttered my head last week and have a short do)

  3. posted by Josephine on

    I had very long hair for years and after college (25 years ago!—GULP!), I cut it short and have kept it that way ever since. Wash & Wear! It looks great on me—if I may be permitted to brag—and everyone I know agrees.

  4. posted by Chavi on

    Mazel tov! LOVE LOVE LOVE Real Simple.

    I have short hair — shorter than yours. Short haired women unite!

  5. posted by Scott on

    Hey – Congrats on the gig with Real Simple! It was great meeting you this past weekend in DC at the MARCPO Conference. Keep up the good work here on Unclutterer.com

  6. posted by mamacita on

    How funny — I just decluttered my ‘do last Thursday. I like the functionality, but I’m not sure of the aesthetics yet (for me — Erin, you look great).

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