unclutters messages with multiple links

Reader Craig recently submitted a link to us about a link bundling service called From an article about the service:

“LinkBunch is a service that does exactly what it sounds like it should do: condenses multiple URLs into one short address. Just paste them all into one text box, hit a button, and your new, slimmer URL is ready to go. Your days of sending just one LOLcat picture at a time are over! When someone clicks on your LinkBunch, they’re directed to a page that shows all the links you included.”

If you’re working on a project for a client and you want to show him three different versions of a design, now you can send him one uncluttered link instead of three. This service also works well for twitter posts and texting when you want to save keystrokes.

If you have a link you want to share with us go to, and mark your suggested link “for:unclutterer” (without the quotes).

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  1. posted by L on

    If you are a designer working for a client, why can’t you just make a simple Web page that links to three different designs? That way you can include not only links but also screen shots and explanations as well?

  2. posted by Erin Doland on

    @L — Time involved to create a page = 20 seconds. Time involved in taking screenshots, writing up descriptions, coding the page, and installing links = 20+ minutes.

  3. posted by Rashid on

    I tried it, I don’t like it. forces users to go to a separate page and click on additional button. // a lot of users do not know how to use tabs properly, and they open up in tabs.

    I would call it, web 2.0 clutter!

  4. posted by Kris on

    This is fabulous. I love it and will share this accordingly.

  5. posted by Mike Dunham on – just as simple, works great. Only one link at a time, but that changes the example from one link to a page with three links, to three links directly to three pages. I just did a tinyurl for this page:

  6. posted by Michael Moncur on

    Using a site like this sounds like “web 2.0 clutter” to me too. I’d much rather get a simple list of links in email than have to link through to a third-party site to get them.

    The benefit: I can choose which ones to click on, and I don’t have to count on to be running to access my links. And when goes offline in a year, the links in my archived email will still work.

    I think the same thing about tinyurl, although they’re big enough now that there’s little risk of them disappearing. I’d still rather know what I’m clicking on, though.

    Incidentally, if a designer I hired sent me a linkbunch URL instead of three URLs, or better yet one URL on their own site, it would make me think less of them… Just seems unprofessional.

  7. posted by Jason Lazzara on

    I agree with Rashid and Michael M. that this is a redundant service. Personally, if unclutterer were to use web apps as unitaskers this would be a perfect candidate. Why add extra steps to your process.

    Email links:
    1. Copy link
    2. Paste into email
    3. Send email
    4. user receives email
    5. user clicks on links

    Link bunch:
    1. Copy link
    2. Paste into linkbunch
    3. copy linkbunch link
    4. paste into email
    5. send email
    6. user receives email
    7. user clicks on linkbunch link
    8. user is directed to linkbunch link page
    9. user clicks on links

  8. posted by Shrink2One on

    I found another website with better features. checkout at
    Password protected links, Screenshot Thumbnails and Title and No limit on number of links to bunch. 🙂

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