The Socket Sense Surge Strip

Socket SenseHave you ever had to plug a large black cube type of plug into a surge strip? The size of the black cube takes up two or possibly three outlets on the strip. That’s not fair, is it? So, what can be done about this outlet injustice? Well, take look at the Socket Sense Surge Strip and this problem looks to be solved by the clever folks at Ideative. The outlets on the strip are not only angled, but they can also be moved to accomodate bulky black plugs. From Ideative:

The Socket Sense surge protector handles all power adapters with ease. Simply expand or contract the movable sockets to adjust for the best fit. Compare this to a typical surge strip where power adapters typically block one or more sockets. Socket Sense can do the job of two ordinary surge strips.

Instead of using two surge protectors or possibly swapping plugs in and out of your surge strip, this looks like a very useful and innovative alternative in the war on cable clutter.

(via Crave)

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  1. posted by Steph on

    Ooh… fancy. I might just have to check that out.

  2. posted by Kris on


  3. posted by Shay on
    I swear by these little guys.

  4. posted by Julie on

    There’s also the “Power Squid,” which is essentially a power bar without the “bar.” Very cool, and available with and without surge protection.

  5. posted by Jasi on

    This is very neat. We have two very messy power strips. This would work out great for us. The power squid looked too busy.

  6. posted by Zora on

    Love my Surge Squids.

  7. posted by ultralightraveler on

    I’ve been on the lookout for something that would let me plug my palm, phone, and laptop into the same outlet while traveling.

    Socket Sense looks like a relatively small, easy-to-pack power strip. The form factor is probably easier to pack than the clover-style socket extender I have been using. The clover-style one doesn’t have surge protection, and you can plug only three devices into it, but it costs a lot less than Socket Sense.

    It’ll be interesting to compare the two.

  8. posted by Mary on


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