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Design Within Reach currently has a promotion where you can get all of the furniture for a home office for $2,018 until February 26. This initially sounds like a lot of dough, until you look at the items in the package:

If you’re just starting out or are interested in redoing your office and you’re into the look that Design Within Reach offers, this is actually a decent sale price. You get a Tavola table, Panton chair, Leaf light, a Cubits Shelving unit, and a file cabinet on wheels. Plus, it comes with free shipping. Not too shabby.

As a final note on this specific topic … I own a Panton chair and should warn you that it carries quite a big static charge during winter months. If I sit in it, the next thing I touch gives me a shock. I even run a humidifier full time in my home. It’s not a deal breaker in my mind, but annoying enough that I thought I would share the information.

Along with the idea of an instant office, Reader Chris brought to our attention the Apartment-in-a-Box. Quite interesting!

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  1. posted by topmate on

    Oh yes, if you’re starting out that should unclutter your pocketbook/wallet quite nicely.

  2. posted by ClickerTrainer on

    @topmate, yeah that’s a little pricey.

    I have always wondered about this: if you live in a “cluttered” environment such as a big city, is it natural to want to have your living space the opposite? And if you live in the wide open spaces, is a bit of inside clutter more acceptable?

  3. posted by Andrea on

    A fool and his money….

  4. posted by Erin Doland on

    Compared to MOST things at DWR, this is actually a good price. For what it is, it’s a deal.

  5. posted by Rob on

    …are soon parted.

    (I annoyingly finish all of Andrea’s sentences.)

  6. posted by twosandalz on

    The apartment-in-a-box is ingenious! I love how nothing is wasted.

  7. posted by Brooklyn on

    Huh. Interesting. I have a Panton chair too but I’ve never had that problem, even in Chicago in the winter. Of course, mine sits on hardwood floors and not carpet. Maybe that has something to do with it?

  8. posted by Erin Doland on

    @Brooklyn — I’m on hardwood, too. I wonder if it’s a color dye in the chair? Mine is orange.

  9. posted by Jon H on

    Maybe you could drain the charge out of the chair if you wired it to a pipe. An alligator clip or some conductive tape could attach the wire to the chair.

  10. posted by Wendy on

    Nice, sleek look but if you really want to unclutter, it seems like you’d want more storage space – especially right at the desk. Also, this desk would be ok for occasional work, but not if you are on the computer a lot. Desks and chairs need lots of adjustability to be kind to your body.

  11. posted by sue on

    maybe for 150, but 2thousand? looks nice tho

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