Unclutterer in Real Simple magazine

You cannot imagine how delighted we were to open the March issue of Real Simple magazine and find Unclutterer listed as a “best blog” on the internet for organization and productivity:

Also listed in the section are heavy hitters Zen Habits and Lifehacker. Blush. Like the cover of the issue, we’re tickled pink by this designation!

The article we’re in also discusses blogs in the categories of home, food, beauty, fashion, health and fitness, parenting and family, travel, and news and pop culture. I didn’t know about a number of the blogs listed in these other categories and I’m excited to start following them in my blog reader. If you’re someone coming to our blog for the first time as a result of the Real Simple article, we welcome you!

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  1. posted by Kate on

    Real Simple is my favorite magazine of all time, and I’m new to this blog because of their recommendation. So far I love it!

  2. posted by Melissa on

    I found you because of Real Simple magazine, too. You are now the first site I check each morning! Love it! πŸ™‚

  3. posted by Andrea on

    I found your blog through Real Simple and I’m so glad I did. πŸ™‚

  4. posted by gigglechick on

    congrats!!! glad i found you pre-Real Simple (it’s like finding a great band right before they go on Letterman or something!)

  5. posted by Michele on


  6. posted by Kristy on

    I found your blog through REAL SIMPLE.
    I love that magazine and this blog may be my new vice in between issues!

  7. posted by Elizabeth on

    That’s how I found you! πŸ™‚

  8. posted by Cyn on

    I found you through Real Simple. I love that magazine and I am now getting the RSS feed of your blog. Great content! Thanks and congratulations!

  9. posted by Jessica on

    I also found this through Real Simple and am LOVING it! Keep up the great work!

  10. posted by H... on

    It is a bit paradox. I read the recent issue. it is pretty thick and full of ads. not very many articles. How irony.

  11. posted by Andrew on

    I wonder if the same level (or better) reactions would flow towards Real Simple if Unclutterer.com were to validate them in an article listing several other publications in a list? I mean, Real Simple is still a very young publication, but Unclutterer.com has been around for some time now (am I wrong?), but because Real Simple is a physical publication it seems to carry more weight. Just an observation.

    Anyway, I read both and enjoy them immensely (I might enjoy Unclutterer slightly more though.)

  12. posted by Lyndsey on

    I also found you through RS. Hello!

  13. posted by julie on

    Thank you for this blog! I found it from RealSimple too! Keep up the good work, I love the ideas!

  14. posted by Stacy on

    My sister told me about the article in RealSimple with top organizing blogs, because she knows I love to organize. I also love your blog. Great stuff!

  15. posted by cendare on

    According to the archives, Unclutterer’s only been around since January 2007. According to Wikipedia, Real Simple launched in 2000. So, a bit older.

  16. posted by Elena on

    I’ve been into you since GetRichSlowly.org referred me and I’ve been a Real Simpler for about 7 years. Fave mag! Love it! You really do give such great ideas and truly inspire. Thanks for kicking my organizational butt! πŸ™‚

  17. posted by Jenny on

    Found you through Real Simple as well! Fantastic work – especially inspiring for a packrat like me.

  18. posted by Lukas on

    The visitor numbers must have absolutely skyrocketed.

  19. posted by Sara on

    Real Simple was what led me here!

  20. posted by Megan @ Disorder2Order on

    I read this and was so pleased to see it, but also that this is one of my usual blogs. You know you’ve got it going on when Real Simple says it. Great job Erin!

  21. posted by Beverly on

    I’m also here due to Real Simple, my all time favorite magazine. and I just gave the web site to my daughter. I’m lovin’ it!

  22. posted by Lynn on

    I found this website through Real Simple. I am already preparing to use the Weekly Meal Planner. Thanks.

  23. posted by Margi on

    You learn something new every day. Real Simple sent me to you. Thanks.

  24. posted by Roberta on

    I did find you through the Real Simple Magazine and I think I’m gonna like it here. Thanks for the welcome!

  25. posted by Angie on

    I love Real Simple, organizing and this blog! Thanks!

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