Unobtainable love

I searched my brain for uncluttering and Valentine’s Day tie-ins and couldn’t really find any. “Love and honor those things you choose to keep!” Meh. Too forced.

Instead, let me show you my new love, the Smith Storage and Stool:

It’s a desk drawer! It’s a cart! It’s a bench! It’s a bookshelf!


Sigh. I guess this year for Valentine’s Day I’ll be pining for the (completely out of my price range) Smith Storage and Stool.

via Apartment Therapy

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  1. posted by Tim on

    That’s a pretty slick looking product, but $600 for “bended sheet metal on casters” is a little steep!

  2. posted by QL Girl on

    [swoon]…I love it, but $600?! I suppose I can continue to live with my regular old stationary bookcase. =]

  3. posted by Minnie on

    Good gracious. At least your wallet would be organized and tidy! As in, cleaned out and EMPTY! I kill me.

  4. posted by Erin Doland on

    @Minnie — You totally made me laugh!

  5. posted by Olga on

    For $600, I want the casters to fold in like airplane landing gear when it’s hanging off the desk or stacked on top of another unit.

  6. posted by STL Mom on

    For $600, I want it to roll around the house and pick things up all by itself.

  7. posted by Kyle on


    lol wat?

  8. posted by Jen on

    It’s your tax rebate! It’s patriotic! It’s economically stimulating!

  9. posted by gigglechick on

    yeah that’s all that i need to get organized — just a lil’ $600 magic cart :}

    i might need about 40 of those if you take a gander at the photos that i posted on my site

    the Valentine’s Day Clutter Massacre

  10. posted by Hayden Tompkins on

    You could try making it. That oughta be good for 5 evenings worth of activities at the least!

    So your project does double duty; it gives you something you really want inexpensively, and it gives you something to do. And you know unclutterer is all about stuff that does double duty!

  11. posted by Andamom on

    Okay, maybe it is me — but I don’t see the point in this stool thing. I live in a NYC apartment and find that there are storage pieces that serve as furniture as well – but I cannot fathom that this would be that practical. I’d prefer to put my books and such on a shelf and store other belongings in other ways. And really — I think IKEA has other options for considerably less than $600 if I were truly that interested.

  12. posted by chinoy on

    I love it! Industrial designing in action!

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