Unitasker Wednesday: The pancake puff

Pancake PuffDo you like pancakes? If you do, you’ll probably question why you have been eating flat pancakes all these years when you could be making pancakes in the shape of a ball. Yes, that’s right! Now you can eat pancakes that are easy to make, completely round, and taste delicious. Introducing the Pancake Puff.

Forget making those messy pancakes that your grandma used to labor over for hours (cue old woman spilling pancake batter all over the counter), now you can easily make a puffy ball-like pancake as easy as 1-2-3 — But that’s not all! You can choose the Chef’s Upgrade package that includes:

  • Gourmet Flavor Filler
  • Sugar Shaker
  • Pastry Brush
  • Professional Handle Cover
  • 1 Year Supply of Flippling Sticks

Kiss those boring old pancakes goodbye and take your pancake making to the next level. Order today!

If for some reason you aren’t interested in the Pancake Puff set, you should take a look at their site and watch the video. You will be amazed at the possibilities, and have a hearty laugh.

**Unitasker Wednesday posts humorously poke fun at the single-use items that manage to find their way into our homes.

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  1. posted by Erin Doland on

    A year’s supply of flipping sticks! Golly!! “It’s pantastic!”

    Riotous. Another good one, Matt.

  2. posted by Alex on

    This is one of my favorite commercials! I forget what channel it’s always on here, but I always thought it was a ridiculous commercial. I don’t know of a better way to get those jelly-filled pancakes I’m always craving.

  3. posted by Yolanda on

    While it may be marketed under a silly name, the Pancake Puff is really an aebleskiver pan (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Æbleskiver). It’s no more unitasker than a waffle maker or tuille pan, really. But of course one should definitely consider their space limitations and how often they will make the tasty treats before adding it to their kitchen arsenal.

  4. posted by Courtney on

    What on earth is a “flipping stick”?? And why are they disposable?

    This is the worst kind of kitchen gadget – good for only one infrequently-made, unhealthy item, takes up lots of space, and comes with several unitasker accessories to clutter up your kitchen drawers!

    And commenters, stop defending these items – YES, if I make pancake puffs every day, this will be a useful item. And if my uncle were a woman he’d be my aunt.

    This, and other AS-SEEN-ON-TV type items, are why people feel they need big kitchens (and the big debt that goes along with it!).

  5. posted by Fem on

    It actually looks like a “poffertjespan”, although a poffertjespan usually has more holes.

    For those of you that don’t know what poffertjes art, they are a kind of dutch fluffy mini-pancakes. (Wikipedia does know poffertjes: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poffertjes)

  6. posted by Palila on

    Amazing that Danes made aebleskiver for all those years without “flipping sticks” or “flavor fillers”.

  7. posted by Greg on

    Sheesh folks, relax…it’s an ethnic thing, overpackaged sure, but no different than a waffle iron like Yolanda said.

    Served by the hundreds at http://www.aebleskiverdays.com/

    My wife just grabs a knitting needle or bamboo skewer to start rolling those things.

  8. posted by Karen in Wichita on

    Yup, I have an heirloom Griswold aebleskiver pan (it’s not *quite* a unitasker: it’s a wall decoration most of the year), and the “puff pancake” thing cracks me up. Shouldn’t “novelty” imply “new”?

    And yes, Palila and Greg, wooden knitting needles are the traditional “flipping sticks.” Bamboo skewers are somewhat less optimal… they’re too sharp, but the blunt end is too big.

    And “no mess” my sweet slightly-Danish patootie: the first time I tried using mine, I ended up with cooking oil everywhere. (Subsequent efforts were better, but however much oil you think you need, use less. And then use less than *that*.)

    But easier than regular pancakes? Um: no way. There’s a reason they’re a *holiday* tradition. Even our waffle iron sees *much* more use than it does.

  9. posted by beaman on

    Our kids loved the commercial. Upon researching this, I found that the quality is quite bad and reviews are not good.

    I opted for a aebleskiver pan on Amazon. We’ve used it a few times. Is it more clutter than anything, probably but the fun is more important.

  10. posted by Lynoure Braakman on


  11. posted by Artemisia on

    This looks similar to an aebleskiver pan! While a unitasker, I inherited my mother’s aebleskiver pan (a bit different that the one you’ve featured) and use it every Sunday. It is a unitasker with many memories, I suppose.

    I’ve never seen the commercial, but it looks kind of silly. Kind of like the cake decorating commercials, etc.

  12. posted by The Chatty Housewife on

    I agree with Yolanda. I live near a dutch community. 🙂 This is no more a unitasker prodduct than a waffle machine, popcorn popper, coffee maker etc. They all basically do one thing.

  13. posted by Camilla on

    Yes, i was suspecting poffertjes, but i think they are too deep – so Yolanda must be right. I’ve been looking to buy myself a pofferjes pan ever since i visited Holland a few times and got completely addicted to the things! Omg covered in sugar and a big slab of melting butter, eeeeeee!

  14. posted by Dana on

    Reminds me of a takoyaki pan, which are basically pancakes with octopus in them. (Not as gross as that sounds, it’s a different kind of gross really, a gooey gross).

  15. posted by Gayle on

    I actually now really really want one of these, stupid commercial notwithstanding. Aebleskiver pan, here I come!

  16. posted by Carolyn on

    I have a poffertjes pan that I got in the Netherlands – this to me looks more like an aebleskiver pan. A poffertjes pan is shallower and has more dimples in it. Poffertjes are smaller.
    Aebleskivers are generally supposed to have apples in them, I think. Poffertjes have part wheat and part buckwheat flour used, and yeast.
    It’s not that easy to find white (hulled) buckwheat flour here in the States – usually it’s got that purplish hull in it. I can find hulled groats, though, so I get those and grind them up (very occasionally).
    I have a squirty-type bottle for putting the batter into the pan, which is way less messy than ladling. And I have a forked stick for turning them. I admit it.

  17. posted by Anthrodiva on

    I think the main point to be taken from the comments is – some ‘unitaskers’ like coffee makers only do one thing and nothing else does them and we need that thing to be done in order to drink coffee, eat waffles, etc. As we see, the need for such an item depends mostly upon whether that item is in one’s culinary heritage/repetoire.

    A true unitasker would be something that not only only does one thing, but there are better substitutes out there AND we don’t really need that thing to be done. Like a chocolate chip dropper.

  18. posted by zachary on

    I was actually going to call and order one of these. So delicious.

  19. posted by John of Indiana on

    “But wait, there’s MORE!!!”

    I wonder if you could poach eggs in it, too?

  20. posted by Anna on

    I was suprised to see so many people have aebelskiver pans! While mine only gets trotted out once a year, it’s a Christmas tradition I cherish, as well as an heirloom from my grandmother.

    Carolyn, I do think aebelskivers once usually had apples in them (that’s what “aebel” is for). However, when I lived in Denmark, I never met anyone who used apples and my family recipe doesn’t either. Just pancake batter, with whipped egg whites and lemon extract.

  21. posted by Carolyn on

    Ah! Thanks, Anna. I’m part Danish in ancestry (great-grandparents came over from Denmark) so I’m interested in that stuff. I’ve been there, but never lived there.

    I’m just going to add to the pancake factoids:
    The Dutch regular pancakes are eggier than American ones, and sometimes they cook the bacon right in (pannekoeken met spek). And their syrup is molasses-like sugar syrup (after all, not a lot of sugar maples in the Netherlands).
    Bill Clinton had poffertjes with whipped cream and strawberries in a restaurant in Delft when he visited. It is proudly noted on the menu there. Mostly, though, you just eat them with powdered sugar and some butter.
    You can just buy packs of pre-made poffertjes at the grocery stores in the Netherlands. But they also sell a box of mix for it, so I reckon some people keep the pans around.

    Also, those “Dutch Baby” giant puffy things? Not Dutch. German or something.

  22. posted by ah on


    “Dutch” in that case is probably “Deutsch,” which means German before being anglicized. As in the Pennsylvania Dutch who were (IIRC from high school history) American immigrants from German

  23. posted by chef on

    Pshaw – I can see this being used as a takoyaki grill or fritter maker as well as pancake or donut balls. As for the addon stuff, the handle thing is dumb, as are the “flippin’ sticks”. I wouldn’t class everything else as a unitasker though.

  24. posted by esteele on

    I inherited my aebleskiver pan as well. Gah! Now that’s all I can think of… I’ll have to pick up some apple butter on the way home and whip up a batch of these tonight.

  25. posted by Bethany on

    What’s with all the kitchen unitaskers? Clearly, there are many kitchen unitaskers, but what about other types of items?

  26. posted by verily on

    Never had a pan like an aebleskiver, but I doubt I’d use it anyway. Wouldn’t a muffin pan do the same job, but less…round?

  27. posted by Jenn on

    Years ago, some Danish friends made these for us and we were hooked. We use our aebelskiver pan a couple of times a month at least and my children love making these with me. I don’t know why you’d need any of that other stuff — I use two forks to turn them.

  28. posted by Sophia on

    It looks like a takoyaki maker to me, lol!


  29. posted by Laura on

    My five year old desparately wants this – the ad is on pbs sprouts every 10″ or so. I haven’t figured out how to talk to her about clutter, consumerism and taking care of our planet in an age-appropriate way, so I always say, yes that would be fun. my comments to myself aren’t as nice.

  30. posted by Stacy on

    Great! Now I want an aebelskiver pan! haha. No, seriously I will eat any fried puffy dough (sans octopus, yuk) you put in front of me. I smell a trip to Denmark coming.

  31. posted by Erika on

    I never saw the commercials, but I have seen this before. Unfortunatly it was in person, when my husband unwrapped this gift from my mother-in-law. Gee thanks!

  32. posted by maria silva on

    Hey since i have this greate pan i have made my oun littel cake store. Every body loves it I have made lots with this crazy pan to bad for thoes that dont like it.

  33. posted by Alexandra on

    I think I might just not read your Unitasker Wednesday posts… I think I respectfully disagree with the whole point. Sometimes a tool that does only one thing is okay, such as, say, a lamp. It doesn’t hold flowers, too (at least, not usually), but it serves an important purpose. Similarly, food molds or poffertje pans serve definite purposes, even if it’s only once a year or less. I live in a very small apartment myself (about 400 sq ft, me, husband, two cats, and a lot of books) and we’re very much aware of clutter. But sometimes just the basics aren’t enough to make existence feel like life.

    Just my thoughts.

  34. posted by sean on

    I love my pancake puff maker. My two little ones love making these with me. I did cornbread ones last night stuffed with Jalapeno cream cheese. they turned out real good. I just bought it a week ago, and have had much fun with my little girls. Gets them into the kitchen cooking with their dad, so not a bad thing.

  35. posted by Jenn on

    oddly enough, that looks vaguely similar to a tool we have in our kitchen that makes a variety of Indian foods (family is Indian) so it’s somewhat of a multitasker for us…. never tried the pancake puffs in it before!!

  36. posted by Jenn on

    @Alexandra – you’re right, but I think the point was to show that they are not absolutely vital, and also that if you don’t need or use them, removing them from your kitchen may save space and help unclutter your home

  37. posted by spriteyone on

    An even odder and more entertaining way to make waffles might show up the pancake balls. I always use my George Foreman Grill….yup that’s right… just mix as directed and cook till golden brown. The non-stick surface is a dream come true and they come out fluffy and delicious.
    Give it a try!

  38. posted by Jill on

    What a silly commercial lol, I’ve seen all sorts of infomercials because I used to be hooked on watching them late at night…but not for this product, they make those pancake balls look so yummy! 🙂

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