Make your own earbud caddy

cable tidyWalking around with an earbud cord that is too long can hinder your range of motion and get in the way. People come in different shapes and sizes, but earbud wires are all one size, which is usually super long. Why not take some time and easily make yourself a little earbud caddy to neatly wrap up that extra wire?

Over at wikiHow, you can easily follow the steps and have yourself a cheap do-it-yourself solution made from material you may have around your house already. Or, if you’re not feeling handy, you can just purchase the one pictured with this article for $2.

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  1. posted by Jacque on

    I use a little velcro strap. A rubber band or piece of string can work, too.

  2. posted by blue on

    I have the one pictured in the article, I don’t like it. It winds the cord up too tightly, when you unwind it kind of turns into coil shape.

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