Unitasker Wednesday: Double-Deck pizza oven

Double Deck Pizza OvenExcuse me if I’m a bit ignorant to the advantages of having a dedicated pizza oven in your kitchen, but this behemoth is a mystery to me. Measuring in at 16 3/4″ wide x 15 1/8″ deep x 16″ high, it is a space hog and it wouldn’t be the easiest appliance to store out of sight. What advantages does a dedicated pizza oven offer that a conventional oven doesn’t? I’m not entirely sure. Maybe an owner of the Double-Deck can let us in on the secret.

I read the four reviews of this oven on Brookstone and they all loved the “ease of use,” but one user left the following observation:

This product is a dissapointment. Cook your pizza in your regular oven, it’s far superior and doesn’t take up all the space this one does.

My thoughts exactly. Do your counter a favor and pass on this pizza oven overkill.

**Unitasker Wednesday posts humorously poke fun at the single-use items that manage to find their way into our homes.

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  1. posted by Derrick Schneider on

    The only advantage I could see is if it gets quite a bit hotter than a conventional oven, which is what you need for a crisp crust. But if you have a self-cleaning oven, you can get a similar effect by hacking off the self-clean lock and turning your oven to “cleaning” mode when you make the pizza. (Cleaning mode doing nothing more than blasting the heat higher than normal.)

  2. posted by Cyrano on

    Irony is too good for this unitasker, eh?

  3. posted by verily on

    Isn’t it essentially a double toaster oven? If you don’t have an oven, this might be a good substitute.

  4. posted by h... on

    i used to have a gas oven. I used to have a toaster oven to cook small items. It can be handy for some cooking situations. Double toaster oven seems to be a bit excessively. If you cook them different items at different temps, it may make sense. So it seems silly to you but it may be a godsend to somebody else.

  5. posted by The Mommy Blawger on

    I wouldn’t buy one, because it takes up too much counter space, but my husband thinks they’re neat. Our consideration is how much energy does it use, and how much heat does it produce, compared to a regular oven?

    Just try cranking up a full-sized oven at 5:30 pm in August in Texas when it’s 102 degrees out, will still be above 90 at midnight, and won’t fall below 80 at all, and you’ll be looking for alternate ways to cook your food. Ones that don’t create so much heat.

  6. posted by Reg Tait on

    Heavy duty versions of these are available as catering equipment. Looks like someone’s had the bright idea of bringing them into the home.

  7. posted by Debbie on

    Assuming this could be used to cook other things besides pizza, and I don’t see why it couldn’t, I would imagine it could be quite useful, though I personally don’t really need two of them. I very often cook things in my toaster oven (which lives on the counter, no need to hide it) when it’s not worth heating up the big oven for whatever I’m cooking. This might be more useful than a toaster oven as it appears to be deeper so it can fit a pizza in there, which my toaster oven can’t handle. I’d probably actually prefer one a single-oven model with a taller cavity than the double one here. In fact, my toaster oven is coming to the end of its life, I think, and I have been casually looking at similar (single) ovens to replace it.

  8. posted by allen on

    Like others have basically said: The point of a toaster oven/pizza oven like these is that it uses up SO MUCH LESS ENERGY to preheat that little area, instead of a whole oven, when you don’t NEED the whole oven.

    That being said; 2 layered? If you need this, do yourself the favour, and go spend that money on a set of dumbells. 😉

  9. posted by David on

    Derrick Schneider hit the nail right on the head. Pizza ovens run hotter than your normal oven. This, in turn, makes for better pizza.

    My sister has a single decker version of this pizza oven and loves it to death. She makes homemade pizza, and this oven means she gets pizzeria quality pizza, faster than it could be delivered, at home, for a fraction of the cost.

    It even makes those ‘high-end’ frozen pizza taste better.

    If you are a pizza lover, and have the space, a single-decker would be a time and money saver. If that applies *and* you have a huge family, I can see it.

    Should everyone have one? I’d say no.

  10. posted by Real Life Pixel.com on

    Dude, if you love frozen pizzas, I mean you LOVE frozen pizzas, how could you not . . . nope, I couldn’t even see anyone needing one then. I mean, why two?

  11. posted by Luis Fernando on

    Some unitaskers have this funny effect on people. They start to look at situations where the darn thing would make sense and come up with these boolean statements: if ‘A’ and ‘B’ and ‘C’, then this may actually be pretty good deal”.
    Give it a rest, really…

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