The wireless Wii nunchuk

Wireless NunchukThe Wii remote control is quite an amazing development in game console controllers. The Wii remote is wireless, but not completely so because there is a wire that connects to the nunchuk to the controller.

Nyko, a third party supplier for gaming accessories, now has Wii owners covered with the wireless nunchuk. But what about the Wii owners who already have all their controllers purchased and don’t want to buy new wireless nunchuks? Well, Nyko has you covered there, too. You can purchase an adapter for your wired nunchuk and the wire will be a thing of the past. Unfortunately, the adapter won’t be available for another month.

(via Engadet)

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  1. posted by verily on

    I’d love to see them do this for the classic controllers. The nunchuk cable doesn’t bother me as much, since all my nunchuk games involve the use of both parts.

    But the wiimote isn’t used at all when you use the classic controller, so it’s just in the way.

  2. posted by Dave-Wii Nunchuk guy on

    Anyone who’s buying a new Wii system should spend the extra cash and go wireless.

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