New year’s resolution status check

I would rate the current success of my new year’s resolution as an 8 on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the best.

Points of success: None of my laundry baskets are overflowing, there isn’t folded laundry sitting on the back of the couch waiting to be put away, burned out light bulbs were replaced, new drying rack for delicates was purchased, and my laundry-related stress has significantly decreased.

Reason my score is at 8 and not at 10: I’m not yet in a routine.

Now that January is winding down, how are you doing with your organization new year’s resolution(s)? On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your progress? What are your points of success? What are the reasons you’re not yet at a 10? Or, how are you working to keep your success at a 10 if you’ve already reached your goal?

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  1. posted by LoveandSalt on

    I give myself a “9” for improvement, and a big OMG! for how far I still have to go. (No number corresponds to OMG! but if there was one it would be bad.)

    I’ve lost 5 pounds and see now how bad the next 10 still look and feel on me. I’ve started straightening out my finances and discovered errors, blunders, and stupidities under the errors, blunders and stupidities I set out to fix. I’ve been selling off my library, cleaning out my cellar, composting, recycling, burning, reusing, and still the amount of waste that turns into clutter, and vice versa, is boggling.

    Signed up to get off junk mail lists and now I’m looking cross-eyed at my subscriptions (one newspaper and two magazines–that I ordered, that is.) Then there are all those membership mags I could do without, from AAA to AARP to charity updates, the Arts Council, my college, my senator, and every social service agency I’ve ever supported.

    Declared email bankruptcy (deleting inbox, can’t catch up, must start over,you know…_ and got chatty notes from everyone I informed of my dilemma.

    It is all worth doing, and in my case it seems exceptionally difficult, largely because it is so overdue. I’m curious to hear how everyone else is doing with their resolutions and organization.

  2. posted by Mary on

    I hit a solid 10 — last year I listened to an audio book called “Goals” by Brian Tracy. He said to write your goals daily – from memory. I think that technique helped me to nail my top resolution (something I had not been able to accomplish in years.)

  3. posted by nat on

    i had a list of 20 goals, both long-term and immediate, and i’ve already accomplished 12 of them! writing them all down, as big or small as they were, really makes me realize how much progress i’m making. and plus i don’t forget things ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. posted by koz on

    Good post and idea.

    I have not much made progress on getting healthier, but I have been very active. I would give myself credit for keeping up with laundry and housework, but I have not done much for better organiztion. My husband, surprisingly, IS getting better at this! And my third goal — I haven’t even started yet. Blah.

    So, maybe a 7 of 10?

  5. posted by Josephine on

    I didn’t make a resolution. (I don’t believe in them; I believe you change when “you tire of being tired”.) Typically, I’m quite organized and I don’t like clutter; however, since quitting my day job last month, I’ve spent a great deal of time evaluating the clutter in my life and dove right in to deal with it. Now, for the first time in my life, the thought of divesting myself of the many books I own is not so scary after all. For me, this is HUGE. I haven’t decluttered everything on my list, but I realize that the process matters just as much—if not even more than—the end result. For me, this is journey through which I will continue to evolve. Sorry for getting on the soapbox, folks, but I give myself a 10!

  6. posted by robyn on

    i’d give myself a 7. but that’s mostly because i’m hard on myself. i’m blogging about it, which helps a ton, and i’m trying to one thing daily to help me on my way towards goal completelion. and that helps a ton as well.

    most of my new year’s goals were more long-term, however, so not seeing a huge amount of results has made me think i’m not doing as much. but i truly am!

    also, why is it that the couch always feels like the best place to fold/stack laundry?

  7. posted by Christine on

    I had 8 basic year-long resolutions and I’ve accomplished/accomplishing 3 of them so far. Baby steps… baby steps. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. posted by Craig on

    I believe in baby steps. Take big steps and you’re likely to fall flat on your face.

    I decided to open an ING Direct account. I opened one. No automatic savings plan yet, but the ING account is open and verified.

    I decided to see an honest-to-god financial planner. That’s painful, especially when I exist in a state of clutter, both financial and otherwise. But we are seeing him, and we are following his advice. I have a physician. This other guy is our money doctor.

    I also decided to unclutter (declutter? – sorry, I’m an English major and technical writer) my stuff. We’ve lived in our small townhouse for 10 years. My wife and I are both packrats. I am FINALLY going through my piles of papers. The other night I shredded acres of old receipts. The shredder groaned and got a bit warm. Worry not. The tax records, and other important records, are collected and safe. I am also going through the piles of articles I promised myself I would read someday.

    I am getting ruthless with myself because I am also getting tired of the clutter. That makes it easier in a way. No more shifting piles from one corner to another. If I can’t bear to toss an article, I keep it. If I can live without it, I throw it away.

    The “toss” pile is getting larger by the day. Also, instead of saving all this crap for the weekend, when I’m tired from the workweek and trying to rest up a bit, I am actually doing a bit at a time every night while watching TV. Not too much. Maybe just a little. But something. “Just a dab will do ya.” Remember that old commercial?

    I am also going through my library of books. I am a certified bookworm, but I have little time to read anymore. I am trying to write a novel, and the clutter weighs on my mind and my creativity.

    I love my books, but that doesn’t mean they are immune. If I doubt I will ever open a book, or refer to it again, or ever want to reread it, I am donating it.

    My closet is also being purged. Stuff I haven’t worn in two years is being tossed. Some things I am glad to have found. I am now wearing them again. I lost a cozy, heavy pullover that I am now wearing at work when it’s cold out. I love it.

    Purging the clutter is lots of work. When I’m dealing with piles accumulated over 10 years, but it is worth it.

    And I’m totally killing my shredder. Poor thing.

    — A Recovering Packrat

  9. posted by Robin M. on

    I have six resolutions for 2008. I think I have made small progress on each of them. For a so-far score, I’d give myself a 6.

    In addition, I am bit by bit improving my workspace because I was inspired by the flickr group photographs. I took a before picture, and I’m about two thirds of the way done with what I’d like to finish before I declare it an “after” and take another picture.

  10. posted by cerrissa on

    i’m on my way to success! a couple of things have already been completed! i think i picked the easy ones first to get them out of the way ๐Ÿ™‚ the harder ones are next on the list and are going to take a lot more work and dedication for the entire year. like learning to speak more fluent french and saving money for a trip to Africa and India. so, at this point i’d give myself a 7 for doing some things but avoiding others. oops!

    I wish everone good luck with their goals for the year!

  11. posted by h... on

    I have made a good progress. But when I started on my “mini office”, I have been stalling it. I dont have alot of papers/documents to deal with. Just cant decide where to put them. Hopefully I will be able to end my “organizing drought” soon. No wonder I save this to the last. I did fine on other parts of house. I would say 7 for me so far this year. I failed miserably last year. I did not lift a finger on it. So this is a huge progress.

  12. posted by Josh on

    My main goals:
    1. Get (back) to a healthy weight
    -have lost nearly 15lbs this month
    2. Start a blog
    - launches Monday
    3. Pay off school loans since savings % is no longer > than school loan %
    -paid off all of wife’s 7k loan, have a long way on my [email protected]%
    4. Get into EE PhD program
    -registered for GRE prep course and wrote email drafts to faculty
    5. Become self sufficent at new job
    -hard to measure!
    6. Plan and go on one-of-a-kind-adventure-vacation with my wife
    -so far, haven’t thouhg of anything

    Wow, that was fun. I really feel proud and grateful now. Thanks!

  13. posted by Melissa on

    I give myself an 8 as well. I was really proud of myself for getting our bills and paperwork properly filed, neat, and paired down. I also got all the online passwords for both my and my husband’s accounts and stored them in a safe place. We shut off the paper statements on everything we could and have been using the new system. hurray!

    however I have been slow to start another project to tackle. My goal was do to one major project per week. Maybe I need to re-examine that and aim for one major project per month. then I could give myself a 10 and be pretty darn happy!

  14. posted by Michele on

    I totally give myself a 10. I’ve been taking on decluttering tasks, some big and some small, every weekend. The only reason I haven’t done more is my lack of time as a full-time student. I’m 100% satisfied with my progress so far — not that I don’t have a ways to go!

  15. posted by h... on

    update: I finally put most things to proper places in my office closet. Next I plan to work on certain small matters. Sometimes it is easy to put messy things to proper places first and then work on one section at a time.

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