Shootsac organizes your camera lenses for simple transport

ShootsacI just read a review by Ryan Brenizer over at the Shootsac. The Shootsac is a bag that holds multiple camera lenses for quick and easy access. The Shootsac’s design was created by wedding photographer Jessica Claire. From Ryan Brenizer’s article:

Specifically, she realized that while on a shoot, she almost never had to put her camera away, but she always needed to change lenses — so why not make a bag designed for that task? The ShootSac was born.

This bag is designed for serious photographers and professionals. Most amateurs won’t want to part with upwards of $150 for a bag to hold lenses. But, for those of you out there looking for an uncluttered option for lugging around your lenses, this looks like a well-designed option. More from the review:

Even with the extra lenses, it was more comfortable than my normal bag — the center of gravity is much closer to the body, allowing weight to be better distributed. During a shoot, I usually unhook my bag, put it down, and keep running back and forth. That was never an issue now.

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  1. posted by Raisin on

    For the same purpose, I use chalk bags that are available from any store that sells climbing gear.

    The chalk bags have the added benefit of being designed to attach to the outside of other bags or on belts, and the drawstring is quick and easy to secure. I’ve got a few neoprene chalk bags and a few padded flannel chalk bags, and they will all attach directly to any of my camera bags.

    Plus, they rarely cost more than 20 bucks.

  2. posted by Alex Williams on

    As a photographer, I have to say this is a dream come true. I’m often out for a walk, but hate lugging around my camera bag to change lenses. This is a niche product, but there’s definitely useful. I’ll be getting one.

    Now, if only someone would design a camping backpack with photographers in mind…

  3. posted by Thomas Locke Hobbs on

    Wow! A Unitasking Unclutterer.

  4. posted by Jen on

    Another less expensive neoprene alternative for someone who wants to carry just a few lenses — get a Built NY tote:

    Like the chalk bag, you can buy one at a time, or buy one of the overbuilt totes. Prices also start under 20 bucks. AND…you can use them to carry bottles!

  5. posted by Jen on

    If you can get a lens to fit into those Built NY bottle totes comfortably, you are much more coordinated than I!

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