January wrap up

Let’s remember some of the things that made January 2008 a great month at Unclutterer.com.

January’s most popular posts:

Additional highlights:

  • On January 6 we celebrated our one-year anniversary!
  • Amazing or Awful? had more than 95 comments — our monthly high
  • Storing coffee had 30 del.icio.us saves –- our monthly high
  • Speaking of del.icio.us, we established a share a link system where you can point us to great stories through their site. Just go to http://del.icio.us, and mark your suggested link “for:unclutterer” (without the quotes).
  • If you own an iPhone or iPod Touch, you can now have an Unclutterer icon on your phone’s desktop.
  • We were discussed on the Encyclopedia Britannica blog. The closest we’ve come to being IN an encyclopedia.
  • More than 598 people have joined our Unclutterer flickr group. There are more than 228 photos uploaded to the group, and we look forward to seeing your additions!
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